Addison Rae Feet Pics & Complete Review

Addison Rae Feet

Addison Rae is an incredibly popular TikTok personality with more than 86 million followers at the time of writing. That’s pretty insane considering she’s in her very early twenties! However, apart from her impressive dance moves and alluring looks, Addison Rae is also known in the feet enthusiasts world as an owner of world-class feet. Addison Rae’s feet are a size 6US, and they can be viewed freely online as she doesn’t shy away from showing them off.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for Addison Rae’s feet to be spotted wearing ankle bracelets or toe rings. Are her feet perfect? It depends on your taste. However, we think they’re definitely some of the most impressive feet in the streamer/social media celebrity world. Let’s find out about their unique particularities and looks!

Addison Rae’s toes.

addison rae toes

Addison Rae’s feet are well-proportioned and elegantly shaped, and her toes taper down nicely in a controlled and smooth manner starting from her large and second toes. Reviewing these feet is not an exact science for us, because the shape and look of a foot can differ greatly depending on its pose. However, from what we’ve seen so far, it looks like Addison Rae’s toes are different in length on each of her feet.

addison rae toes

On her left foot, her second toe is longer than her large toe, while the middle, ring, and pinky toes decrease in length gradually. On her right foot, her second toe bends inwards slightly thus making it shorter than the large toe. The other three toes follow the same decreasing pattern. As for spacing, there are gaps between her large and second toes on both feet. Addison’s toenails are naturally shaped. Sometimes they’re a bit squared off other times rounded at the corners.

addison rae toes

Her nail polish is in tip-top condition most of the time although she has been spotted wearing chipped nail polish. Maybe it’s an intentional thing to make her appear more down-to-earth or maybe it’s just the occasional sprout of negligence.

Addison Rae’s Soles.

addison rae soles

As for Addison’s soles, they are always in perfect condition. The image above shows just how smooth and nicely shaped they are. The balls of her feet, as well as her heels, have a slightly darker skin tone when compared to the middle portion of her soles. That’s to be expected. Addison Rae wears high-heels on numerous occasions.

addison rae in the pose

She’s been on countless red carpet events, and her feet are always in the nicest and most expensive footwear. She has been showing off her feet in the pose a couple of times. She probably knows that they look quirky and feminine when perched up behind her like that. Her soles have no imperfections to speak of. They wrinkle slightly in the midsole, and they look absolutely stunning in natural light.

Addison Rae’s feet in heels.

addison rae feet in heels

As we mentioned before, Rae wears high-heels frequently. In fact, most of the pics you will find of her feet online are in heels. While her choice of footwear is somewhat more traditional when compared to other celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, she does have a preference for strappy sandals with sky-high heels. She doesn’t wear stockings or pantyhose all that often, but we’ll make sure to update this section if this changes.

addison rae feet in heels

Since she wears a size 6, her feet look cute and delicate in heels, but also in flip-flops. She definitely has the proportions of a model from head to toe, and there aren’t too many people that would tell you otherwise. In the image above, she’s actually wearing a thong-class sandal with a short heel. Paired with a beautiful gold ankle bracelet, Addison Rae’s feet look stunning from every angle.

Addison Rae’s feet summary and rating.

addison rae feet

It’s been a true delight reviewing the gorgeous feet of Addison Rae. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind about them.

  • Addison Rae is a TikTok celebrity with size 6 feet.
  • Her feet sport a natural look, with naturally-shaped toenails.
  • Her second toes have different lengths on each foot.
  • Addison Rae’s soles are well-kept and in perfect condition. The balls of her feet and heels are slightly darker-toned when compared to her midsoles.
  • Addison wears high-heels frequently. She’s a big fan of strappy sandals and thong sandals.
  • Addison Rae’s feet receive a 9 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. She would have received a perfect 10 if only she’d replaced the polish on her toes more often.

addison rae feet

addison rae feet

addison rae feet from the side

addison soles

addison rae toe ring



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