Ariana Grande’s Feet Are Surprisingly Tiny

Ariana Grande's feet

Ariana Grande’s feet are stirring up quite a buzz online lately, and for good reason too. Ariana’s feet are some of the most popular and beautiful celebrity feet around, which is why we decided to put them under the microscope, as it were. Ariana Grande’s feet are a size 6US, which is definitely in “small feet’ territory.

Aside from their shape and size, one thing that makes Ariana’s feet stand out is linked to her numerous tattoos. Indeed, this particular celebrity has more than 50 tattoos on her body, and we’ll have a close look at her feet tattoos very soon. For now, let’s start off with a closer look at her toes, shall we?

Ariana Grande’s toes.

ariana grande toes

Despite being a huge celebrity, Ariana’s toes are not on display all that much, and she doesn’t really go around showing them off either. From the pics that we did manage to find, she sports an elegant, almost ordinary toe shape with a well-proportioned and aesthetically pleasing toe alignment.

ariana grande toes

Her second toes are longer than her large toes, which is something we’ve seen on numerous foot models and celebrities. Her middle, ring, and pinky toes taper down in length gradually. The biggest length difference is between her pinky and ring toes. Another thing worth mentioning is that there’s a significant gap between her second and large toes.

ariana grande's toes

As for Ariana’s toenails, they are relatively large and perfectly cut in a rectangular, straight shape. Her toenails are always in tip-top condition, painted beautifully in colors such as blue, white, and beige.

toes in heels

Ariana Grande’s soles.

ariana grande's soles

Celebrities don’t flaunt their soles too much unless they’re specifically instructed to do so in photo shoots. Ariana Grande’s soles don’t have a huge online presence, but there are a few pics of them floating around. In the picture above, it’s clear that Ariana has a relatively narrow foot profile and a superb pair of well-kept soles.

ariana grande soles

The balls of her feet, as well as her heels, are darker in skin tone when compared to the middle part of her soles. This is normal, especially since she wears heels so much. In pantyhose, her soles take on a more neutral appearance. One thing is clear, though: even though Ariana has small feet and soles, she has some impressively-deep arches.

Ariana Grande’s feet in heels.

ariana in heels

At some of the world’s most important and glamorous events, Ariana shows off a wide array of sexy footwear whenever she makes an appearance. While she doesn’t wear extravagant footwear in the same way as Kylie Jenner does, for instance, she does have a thing for strappy, revealing sandals and platform heels.

ariana in heels

Throughout her career, she’s worn countless pairs of expensive shoes, even open-toed pumps that revealed her pantyhose-covered toes. Whatever she decides to wear, her feet look stunning in heels. It’s almost impossible to find her wearing flats at special events, which is indeed commendable.

grande feet

Ariana Grande’s feet tattoos.

ariana grande feet tattoos

As promised, we’re going to take a closer look at Ariana’s feet tattoos. It’s worth mentioning that while she does have numerous tattoos at present, some of her older ones were covered up and replaced with newer versions or completely different themes.

  • She has a heart-shaped tattoo on the second toe of her right foot. She got it done in 2012.
  • The second toe of her left foot used to have the word “hi” tattooed, but she covered it up.
  • Ariana has a tattoo of a crescent moon and stars on her left foot.

She has numerous other tattoos on other parts of her body, including her hands, fingers, shoulders, and arms. She’s a big fan of them. They’re small and quirky, and they look great on her.

Ariana Grande’s feet summary.

Ariana Grande has a superb pair of feet, and it’s been a true pleasure reviewing them for you. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind about them.

  • Ariana Grande is a very talented singer and songwriter with a beautiful pair of size 6 feet
  • She has three tattoos on her feet.
  • Ariana’s second toes are the longest on both of her feet.
  • She has smooth soles, high arches, and a narrow foot profile.
  • She wears gorgeous, expensive high-heels regularly.
  • Her toenails are squared-off, not too long, and always painted in subtle colors.
  • She looks amazing barefoot, but you can also find pics of her in nude pantyhose.

ariana grande feet

ariana grande feet

ariana grande barefoot

ariana grande feet

ariana grande feet


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  1. Ariana’s second toe on her right foot is longer than her big toe. Her left foot is NOT the same as her right foot. look at the first pic in black and white that clearly shows the difference.

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