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averyysworld feet

We kick off today’s Featured Feet showcase with Averyysworld and her beautiful size 5US, 36EU feet. Avery enjoys sharing her feet with the world in various scenarios, whether we’re talking about custom pics, videos, or naughtier content that she uploads on her OnlyFans. She also has a Twitter page where she posts pics of her feet regularly.

Speaking of which, we should probably have a closer look at Avery’s feet because there’s certainly plenty to see and plenty to talk about.

There are numerous feet models on OnlyFans and it can be tough to figure out if some of them are actually worth paying a premium for. In Avery’s case, you can subscribe without worry because her feet are absolutely worth it. Apart from her petite size, she also has elegant long toes, a very harmonious toe alignment, the smoothest soles we’ve seen in a while, and a friendly and welcoming attitude.

Averyysworld’s toes.

averyysworld feet

We’ll start off with the toe section, as we always do. It’s probably the most important part of a foot model’s foot, as it can completely change the way feet are perceived. Toe length, toe size, toe thickness, nail size, and nail shape all contribute bit by bit to a pleasing or unpleasing look. In Avery’s case, everything is aligned perfectly.

Her large toe has the same length as her second toe, while the middle, ring, and pinky toes decrease in length in a controlled, harmonious fashion.

In fact, the difference in length between the last three toes is almost identical, although the pinky toe seems to have dropped a bit more than the ring toe. As for nail shape and size, Avery has beautiful squared-off toenails that are not too short and not too long either. The nails on her big toes look particularly appealing, especially the sharp corners and natural nail curve.

The tops of her feet are spotless. Her milky white skin has no imperfections to speak of – no blemishes, spots, or hairs. Just slightly visible metatarsal bones and subtle veins.

Averyysorld’s soles.

averyysworld soles

We looked hard, we really tried, but we just couldn’t find any imperfections in Avery’s soles either. We suspect she uses high-quality foot-care products frequently or she has exceptionally good genes as her soles are some of the smoothest and softest we’ve seen so far. They look incredibly smooth from any angle.

While her heels and the balls of her feet are a bit darker in tone than the mid-portion of her soles, the difference in skin tone is very subtle.

Just in case you’re not aware, that’s very rare. It’s so rare that you only see it in professional foot models and even then, the images might be heavily edited. Avery’s soles are soft from heel to toe. You’ll find no calluses, no rough skin, and no loose skin patches. They almost look too good to be true, and yet they are.

Hosiery and foot jewelry.

avery's soles

Just like other foot models, Avery takes custom requests from her fans and will take pics of her feet in various angles and with various adornments. These include stockings and foot jewelry such as toe rings and barefoot sandals. If you enjoy seeing these kinds of images, rest assured that Averyysworld will take your requests seriously and will fulfill them in no time at all.

Her feet look exceptionally well in black stockings, but also in barefoot sandals with sparkling jewels. At the end of the day, Avery’s feet look naturally beautiful. Nothing is over the top and yet everything looks just right. A rare sight to be sure, and one that we hope to see more of in the future.

Averyysworld feet summary and rating.

  • Averyysworld has small feet – size 5US and 36EU.
  • She has a perfect toe alignment with her big and second toes being the same length.
  • Avery has beautiful toenails – perfectly squared off and just the right size.
  • Her feet are milky white and her veins are slightly visible.
  • Her soles are smooth and soft from heel to toe.
  • Avery wears stockings and foot jewelry upon request.
  • Avery has an OnlyFans that’s surprisingly affordable for the quality it provides.
  • Averyysworld’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Her feet look naturally beautiful from every angle, and that’s all we can ask for.

averyysworld feet


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