Best Fake Toenails for Pretty Feet in 2022

best fake toenails

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False toenails or fake toenails have gained more and more popularity over the past few years, and there’s a very simple reason for that. They’re convenient, easy to apply, and they look better than ever before. Some of your favorite foot models might actually have fake toenails and you didn’t even notice. And as long as they look good and last for weeks at a time, does it even matter that they’re made of acrylic?

Toes look better now than they ever did in history. While some people have strong and beautiful toenails from birth, others need to cope with a plethora of issues that prevent them from having beautiful toenails. This is where acrylic toenails come in: with only a dash of glue and a few minutes of patience, you can have toes that look like a million bucks. The best part is that they’re actually very affordable, and as long as you apply them properly, they can last for a very long time.

Today, we’re going to have a close look at some of the best false toenails available this year. We’re covering different designs and different colors, so there should be something for every taste.

ELABEST Solid Color Matte False Toe Nails

fake toenails

These fake toenails from Elabest come in several different colors such as white, pink, burgundy, and black. The best part about these nails is that they also come in matter colorways, meaning you can use them to create a truly eye-catching and unique look for your toes. The flip side of the coin is that matte pedicures do tend to appear a bit faker than glossy ones, which means that people might catch on quickly that your toenails are acrylic and not natural.

At any rate, these press-on toenails are very easy to apply, they look great and they’re not excessively long. Of course, if you still find them to be a bit longer than what you’re used to, you can always file them down or trim them after they’re applied. Inside the box, you’ll find 24 fake nails as well as one jelly glue sticker and a nail file. Basically, Elabest gives you everything you need to create a quick, tidy pedicure with false toenails.

false toenails

As for installation, all you need to do is use the jelly glue sticker on the back of the nails and press on to your real nails for 20 seconds. The nails should stay in place for weeks at a time provided you don’t snag them or pull on them. Overall, this is a clean look that is very well suited for any time of the year. These glue-on toenails are also quite affordable, which is also a plus in our book.


YienDoo Blue False Toe Nails

acrylic toenails blue

Blue is one of the most popular colors when it comes to pedicures. This offering by YienDoo is particularly impressive because it looks very much like the real thing. Indeed, these false toenails appear natural, especially if you apply them properly and trim them a bit. One thing to keep in mind with false toenails is that they might appear different in reality than they do in photos.

For this particular set, we actually managed to get an idea of how they look on a real amateur model’s feet. The images provided by the manufacturer appear a bit mater and less vibrant, but we’re happy to report that these acrylic nails look even more impressive than advertised.

fake toenails blue

As you can see, they look positively stunning in the sunlight, and they even have a slight shimmer to them, which looks great. These blue toenails are not press-on, so you’ll have to use glue to set them in place on your toes. Fortunately, the manufacturer provides enough glue for a single application for all 10 toes.

Needless to say, these toenails are safe to wear and they won’t damage your natural nails in the slightest. However, make sure to use a proper amount of glue to prevent them from falling off prematurely.


Full Cover French False Toenails Pack

fake toenails french

Most of the false toenail packs that you’ll find in stores will give you around 24 pieces in different sizes. After you’ve found the right size for your toes, you’re basically left with just 10 fake toenails, which is not the best value proposition. Fortunately, most fake toenails are cheap to buy, so you can replace them often without breaking the bank. What if you don’t have to, though?

fake french toenails

This pack includes no less than 120 pieces of French false toenails, all at a very affordable price. This means that you’ll have a lasting supply of French toenails to put on and replace whenever you want. Available in Pink or White, these French tips look incredible and they’re also quite durable as well. With French tips, as long as you apply them properly to cover the base of the nailbed and you trim them nicely, they can look exactly like the real thing.

Apart from the nails in 14 sizes, the pack also includes five double-sided glue stickers, two mini nail files, and one manicure stick.


Sethexy Fashion Press on Toenails

fake toenails

Some of the most popular false toenails in the world are the ones by Sethexy. The reason for their popularity is simple: they look great. They’re also easy to apply, and they last for ages. Available in different designs and colors such as black, pink, white, and cat-eye, these false toenails come in 12 different sizes. According to the manufacturer, they can also be removed and reapplied multiple times, which is always convenient.

false toenails

As with most false toenails, these are created using a material named ABS. This is a non-toxic, flexible material that mimics the look and feel of your real toenails. Ultimately, the “realism” of your press-on toenails also depends on how short you trim them and how well you apply them. As for convenience, since these nails use double-sided stickers instead of adhesive, they are less of a hassle to apply and remove.


Useful tips.

These are some of the best-looking and most impressive fake toenails that we’ve seen this year. The best part about these types of nail tips is that they offer unique designs and eye-catching patterns that would otherwise be very difficult and expensive to apply on real nails. Furthermore, they can cover up short, badly-cut, or otherwise unaesthetic toenails and instantly transform the look of your feet.

  • While most of these offerings are press-on toenails, some of them require nail glue to apply. In this case, make sure to apply a coat of clear nail varnish on your toenails before applying the glue for the fake tips. The clear coat will protect your toenails and will make removal easier when you decide to replace or just get rid of the fake nails.
  • False toenails can sometimes appear, well, fake. That’s because they’re usually a bit longer than normal and they can make your toes look unnatural. In order to achieve a more natural look, file down the nails to a more appropriate size after application. Do not attempt to do this before applying them on your toes, otherwise, you might end up trimming them too much.
  • If you’re not satisfied with the design of your fake toenails or you just want to change things up a bit, don’t hesitate to paint over them with your favorite nail polish. If you decide to do this, make sure to apply multiple coats for a cleaner look and a deeper color.
  • Fake toenails can be applied on silicone feet used by various footwear stores or enthusiasts.


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