The Best Indian Feet Belong to Mistress Jemma

mistress jemma indian feet

I’ve been meaning to review a beautiful pair of Indian feet for a very long time now, and I just had to get in touch with one of the best Indian foot models out there in order to make it happen. I reached out to Mistress Jemma and she immediately agreed to have her feet featured, which was great news for me, but also for you. Mistress Jemma has some of the most incredible Indian feet, as they blend every positive characteristic you can think of.

She has superb toenails, a slender, narrow foot profile, as well as soft skin all over, including her soles and heels. If you’d like to tell Jemma how much you admire her feet, or if you just want to get financially dominated by an experienced Indian foot model, make sure to get in touch with her. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram if you’re interested.

Mistress Jemma’s toes.

mistress jemma feet

Mistress Jemma has size 5 feet, which is relatively small considering she’s 5 foot 4 in height. However, her feet have a very slender and narrow profile, which makes her toes look longer and more elegant than you’d normally expect. Her toes are beautifully aligned in a harmonious way without any sudden deviations in length.

Her middle toes are the longest on both feet, although they are almost matched by the large toes. It’s a very close call in some pics, as they sometimes appear to have the same length. It also depends on the length of her toenails, but we’ll get into that shortly.

mistress jemma indian feet

The middle toes, ring toes, and pinky toes decrease in length gradually thus forming a tapered down look. If we were to trace a curve along the top of her toes, the curve would follow the length of her toes gradually, and in a controlled manner.

Remember: symmetry is beauty, even when it comes to feet, and these Indian feet are nothing if not symmetrical.

Jemma’s Soles.

mistress jemma soles

While her toes are pure splendor to look at, Jemma’s soles are arguably even more spectacular. Starting off with the balls of the feet directly underneath the toes, the skin looks soft and very well taken care of. There are no calluses to speak of and no rough spots. Not even on the outer edges of the large toes where calluses usually form. The outer edges of the soles underneath the pinky toes are smooth as well, which is commendable.

mistress jemma soles

As for the heels, they’re oval-shaped and in great condition. The skin tone on the heels is very similar to that on the balls of the feet, while the middle portion of the sole is slightly lighter. The outer edges of the soles are also a bit darker-toned, indicating that Jemma sometimes steps on that part of the foot while walking.

indian soles

However, the most interesting fact about these superb Indian soles is that they sometimes appear pink, almost reddish in tone. This reddish hue goes up towards the sides of Jemma’s feet, separating the bottom part of her feet from the top part. This is a very unique look that I haven’t seen so far on any of the foot models I’ve reviewed. It looks beautiful, especially in natural light.

Accessories and footwear.

mistress jemma flip flops

Jemma accessories her feet quite often, and she showcases her ankle bracelets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals whenever she can. Her feet look wonderful in their natural state but even more so when beautified by a set of toe rings or a pair of gold ankle bracelets.

jemma feet indian

When it comes to footwear, Jemma prefers to show off her feet bare, but I’m sure she would accommodate special requests as long as you make it worth her while. She does wear chunky flip-flops from time to time, which bring out her arches and foot profile.

If you’d like to see more of Jemma and her wonderful Indian feet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her or follow her on her social media profiles.

Mistress Jemma Feet Summary & Rating.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about Mistress Jemma’s feet:

  • Mistress Jemma has a superb pair of size 5 Indian feet.
  • Her toes are relatively long despite her small foot size. The toenails are rectangular in shape, which is not usually the norm with Indian feet.
  • She likes to wear bring nail polishes such as pink, red, blue, and French.
  • Jemma’s soles have a narrow profile. They are smooth from heel to toe.
  • Her soles sometimes exhibit a pinkish to reddish hue in certain lighting conditions.
  • Jemma wears various accessories such as ankle bracelets, toe rings, and barefoot sandals.
  • She doesn’t wear heels or stockings that often, but she can accommodate custom requests.
  • Jemma’s Indian feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Her feet are everything we expected them to be, and more.

mistress jemma indian feet



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