Camila Mercedes and Her Fantastic Feet From Ecuador

Camila Ecuador feet

I know for a fact that some of you really like to admire feet with exceptionally long toenails, so I got in touch with a beautiful Ecuadorian foot model that happens to have just that. Camila Mercedes is a foot model and beautician from Ecuador, and her toenails are the longest I’ve ever seen, as well as the longest I’ve ever reviewed. Camila wears a size US8, 38EU, or 6UK, which means she has medium-sized feet.

She has long toes as well as very long toenails, which help create a unique look that you won’t soon forget. You can follow Camila on her Twitter and Instagram pages, and she also has an IwantClips store where she shares explicit content. Make sure to get in touch with her if you’re a fan of her long toenails, and tell her that we sent you, ok?

This is probably my first official review of a pair of Latina’s feet, so it should definitely be special. Let’s get on with it, starting as always with Camila’s excellent Ecuadorian toes.

Camila Mercedes’ toes.

ecuador toes

Camila is certainly going for a specific look: very long natural toenails painted in bright, vibrant colors. The nails are also quite narrow as they grow naturally, and some of the smaller ones have a tendency to bend to the left or right as they grow. Obviously, Camila keeps them at a certain length, and she’s very careful not to break them on a daily basis.

camila mercedes toes

Her toes are relatively long as well, and if we were to ignore the length of the toenails, we’d see that the second toes are the longest on both feet, followed closely by the large toes and middle toes. The ring and pinky toes are even shorter still, dropping in length in a controlled and symmetrical manner. Camila’s toe length is not too long and not too short thus hitting the sweet spot in one of the most common and eye-pleasing toe arrangements.

camila mercedes feet

Apart from her long toenails, which are the most obvious and eye-catching section of her feet, Camila also enjoys wearing toe rings and ankle bracelets, sometimes on both of her feet. She embellishes and beautifies her feet in bold ways, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with that in my book.

Camila Mercedes’ soles.

camila mercedes soles

Also known as Camila Mercedes de Bellucci, this Ecuadorian foot model happens to have some of the smoothest soles I’ve reviewed so far. That’s a little bit surprising if I’m honest, as I expected most of her attention to fall on her toes and toenails. Either she has very good genetics when it comes to her skin or she takes exceptionally good care of her soles as well.

camila ecuador soles

Her soles are smooth and soft from her large toe all the way down to her heel. Her heels are oval-shaped, a bit on the large side, and very well hydrated. They have no cracks, no rough skin patches, and no calluses. The middle section of her soles is very smooth and soft, while the balls of the feet are almost identical when it comes to skin tone and hydration levels. It’s quite uncommon to see balls of the feet as soft and as smooth as these, as they support most of the model’s weight whenever she walks in heels or just barefoot.

camila soles

Apart from her smooth skin, her soles are enhanced by the long toenails that extend from the tips of her toes and adorn them like small colorful crowns. We’ve seen toenails being visible from below on other foot models, but Camila’s toenail length definitely surpasses them all.

Heels and nylons.

ecuadorian feet in heels

Camila Mercedes’s Ecuadorian feet are often on display in heels and nylons. She also wears yoga socks and nylon socks at times. However, her feet look the best when they’re showcased in heels, whether we’re talking about clear platform sandals or strappy red ones. Since her feet are high arched and medium-sized, they look like they truly belong in a pair of eccentric heels like the ones above.

camilafootmodel feet in flip flops

Camila also wears flip-flops in various colors and with different patterns. This type of footwear helps emphasize her long toes and toenails even more to the delight of her many fans.

Camila Mercedes’ feet summary.

Camila Mercedes is a foot model from Ecuador with amazing toenails. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind about her feet:

  • Camila wears a size 8US, 38EU, or 6UK, which means she has medium-sized feet.
  • Her most distinguishable features come in the form of her exceptionally long natural toenails, which are painted in colors such as blue, red, black, and French.
  • Camila has conventional social media pages as well as an iWantClips store. She also does Skype sessions.
  • Camila’s soles are incredibly smooth and well hydrated even though she wears heels on a regular basis.
  • She wears toe rings and ankle bracelets all the time.
  • Camila’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Her toenails are the longest we’ve seen so far, and her soles are some of the smoothest in existence.

Camila Mercedes feet


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