FootQueenStella Has an Incredibly Sexy Pair of Canadian Feet

footqueenstella feet

Somewhere in Toronto, Canada, FootQueenStella is admiring her toenails and is thinking about her next pedicure. As for us, we’re just happy to be able to review her outstanding feet, as she’s graciously agreed to be part of our Featured Feet section. What’s really interesting about FootQueenStella is that she’s an Asian foot model with Philippine roots, even though she lives in Canada.

Her feet are a size 8, which is a bit on the large side, but that doesn’t distract at all from their beauty. Actually, considering Stella’s foot shape and toe length, her shoe size is picture-perfect. Before we carry on with Stella’s in-depth feet review, make sure to check out her profiles on Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to her Onlyfans page, which features a generous amount of high-quality content.

footqueenstella soles

She also does Skype shows, and a whole lot of naughty stuff, including in-person sessions. If you’d like to spend some time with her and her amazing feet, go ahead and get in touch with her, just remember to not waste her time.

Now that we’re done with the introductions, it’s time to have a closer look at Stella’s toes.

Footqueenstella’s toes.

footqueenstella toes

If it’s one thing that you can keep in mind about Stella’s toes, is that she always gets high-quality pedicures. Her toenails look exceptional in every pic she takes, and that’s because she pays extra attention to the way her nails look. She uses some of the best products available for her pedicures, including colorful acrylic nails that make her toes stand out in the sexiest of ways.

We’ve seen her wearing French tips, bright blue nails, neon green, and neon orange. It’s hard to decide which nail color we liked the best, but French tips definitely hold a special place in our hearts, so let it be that.

footqueenstella toes

Apart from her large, eye-catching toenails, FootQueenStella’s toes have other unique features that are worth pointing out. Her toe length, for instance, is something we wanted to describe in further detail. Her large toes are slightly shorter when compared to her second toes, while the next three toes taper down nicely, decreasing in length gradually by a few millimeters at a time.

We’ve seen this kind of toe length arrangement before, but what makes Stella’s toes different is the way their joints are highly visible. Her toes also bend at these joints ever so slightly, creating a unique and interesting look that we’ve yet to see so far.

footqueenstella toes

Stella also has a beautiful tattoo on the side of her right foot, as well as another tattoo right above her ankle, on the front of her left leg.

FootQueenStella’s soles.

footqueenstella soles

We’ve seen her toes, and we’ve decided that they look amazing, but what about Stella’s soles? We’re happy to say that they’re just as beautiful, but obviously in different ways. Starting with the top part, her toenails extending over the tips of her toes looks fantastic when viewed from below. As for the ball of the foot, it’s smooth and soft with no obvious imperfections.

Each of her feet has a callus on the side, just below the pinky toes, but we wouldn’t consider than an imperfection. If anything, it enhances the shape of her feet when viewed from below, creating a sharper curve as we follow the natural contour of her soles. The middle part of her soles is soft and slightly wrinkled when she keeps her feet in a natural position.

footqueenstella soles

However, if she scrunches her soles as seen in the image above, those wrinkles become much more prominent, extending from the balls of her ebony feet all the way down to her heels. Speaking of her heels, they appear to be in great shape, well-hydrated, and without any loose skin patches or cracks.

Does FootQueenStella wear heels or nylons?

footqueenstella heels

Of course! She shows off her feet in sexy footwear regularly, including platform heels with clear straps. She also wears fishnets and other kinds of hosiery. Suffice to say that Stella’s feet are able to meet and surpass all of your expectations. The amount of content that she’s shared so far is enough to satisfy even the most outlandish feet fantasies.

footqueenstella flip flops

That being said, you can also admire her ebony feet in a more casual look, such as in flip-flops. She also wears foot jewelry such as toe rings and ankle bracelets sometimes. Her skin tone is darker on the tops of her feet when compared to her bottoms, which creates a nice contrast and makes her feet even more interesting overall.

FootQueenStella’s feet summary and rating.

Here’s all you need to keep in mind about FootQueenStella and her outstanding Philippine feet.

  • FootQueenStella is a Philippine feet model in Canada.
  • She wears a size 8, which is perfect for her foot shape.
  • She has some of the most spectacular toes and toenails, and she wears toe rings regularly.
  • Her ebony soles are relatively large, smooth, and incredibly inviting.
  • FootQueenStella has an OnlyFans account with a generous amount of hot content.
  • Stella also does Skype shows and personal sessions.
  • FootQueenStella’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. She truly is an accomplished Asian foot goddess, and she has the feet to prove it.



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