Froggeefeet’s European Toes Are Not For the Faint of Heart


We’re back with yet another review for yet another exceptional pair of feet, this time around focusing on a European model. Froggeefeet is finally a part of FeetAnswers, and we’re incredibly grateful for the opportunity to review her awesome feet. She wears a size 36EU, and she always manages to have impeccable pedicures. Her content ranges from simple feet pics in various poses to adult feet-orientated pieces that will blow your mind.

You can find Froggeefeet on Twitter, but she also has an OnlyFans page that you should definitely check out. She creates custom content for her fans on-demand, and she will even do video calls as long as you’re able to compensate her properly.

Introductions are concluded, so it’s now time to actually have a look at Froggeefeet’s awesome paws. Be warned, you might find yourself addicted by the end of this article.

Forggeefeet’s toes.

froggeefeet toes

Froggee’s feet are awesome all around, but perhaps their most noticeable and appreciated feature is the toe area. Not only are they painted in vibrant colors that catch the eye, but Froggeefeet’s toes are also aligned beautifully and form very pleasant angles. As you can see in the image above with her sporting a gorgeous golden pedi, the difference in toe length is not overly dramatic on either foot.

froggeefeet's toes

Her second toes are the longest on both feet, but the large toes are definitely not that far behind. We measured the angle forming from the corner of her large toe all the way to the base of the pinky nail and we discovered a 28-degree angle. Starting off the measurement from the corner of the second toe and ending in the same spot we got an angle of 37 degrees. This means that there’s a 9-degree difference between the two measurements, which is exactly the same as the one we got for DollFeetBabe. Obviously, the angles themselves were not the same, but the difference between them was, which is interesting.

beautiful european toes

Following the second toe, the middle, ring, and pinky toes slope down in a controlled, eye-pleasing fashion. Combined with the beautiful squared-off toenails and high-quality polishes, Froggeefeet’s toes are some of the most beautiful on this website. Moreover, the tops of her feet have protruding veins and visible metatarsal bones that add an extra touch of character.

Froggeefeet’s soles and side profile.

froggefeet soles

Moving on to the soles, they’re as outstanding as you’d expect from such a high-end foot model. The slightly long toes look just as spectacular when seen from below, with an excellent skin condition and no visible blemishes, rough spots, or calluses. The ball of the foot is in perfect shape as well, while the middle portion of the sole is slightly wrinkly, particularly towards the base of the heels.

european soles

As for the heels themselves, they have the exact skin tone as the balls of the feet, and they’re incredibly smooth all around. They’re nicely rounded, maybe a bit oval-shaped, and they’re not too large, which works perfectly with this foot shape.

froggeefeet side

When viewed from the side, the high arches on these feet immediately come into focus. When Froggee stands on her tippy toes, the veins on the sides of her feet become even more visible, and the skin above her toes wrinkles nicely. Also, the image above shows off a beautiful, small tattoo of a frog. She has another tattoo in the same spot on her left leg as well, but that one is of a four-leaf clover.

Heels and nylons.

european feet in heels

Froggeefeet wears some of the sexiest heels we’ve ever seen, and her feet truly look gorgeous in them. In the image above she is crossing her legs and emphasizing an exquisite pair of high heels with a chunky chain motif around the ankles and top of the feet. Her golden toenails contrast nicely with the black sole of the sandals, and with the single toe strap that goes around the big toe. That strap is one of the main things that keeps these sandals in place on her feet. This means that the rest of her toes can move freely, which is an incredibly sexy look.

clear pumps

Moving on to clear heels, she has incredible taste and knows how to pose them. This image shows her wearing a pair of completely clear pumps. Her baby blue toenails are completely visible from underneath the clear plastic. Once again, it’s hard to imagine a sexier display.

european sooles in white nylons

When it comes to nylons, this European foot model has shown off her feet in white stockings, nude nylons, and fishnets. Her feet look gorgeous no matter the type of hosiery, but I think we can all agree that fishnets have a certain je ne sais quois that sets them apart.

feet in red fishnets

Froggeefeet’s feet rating and summary.

Froggeefeet is a European foot model with perfect feet. Here’s what you need to keep in mind about her.

  • She wears a size 36EU, which is around a size 4US.
  • She has an Onlyfans page with a generous amount of mind-blowing content.
  • Froggeefeet creates custom content for her fans, and she also participates in video calls.
  • Her toes are nicely aligned, and her toenails look perfect in every image.
  • Her soles are smooth, they have a beautiful skin tone, and they’re very well kept.
  • Froggeefeet has an incredible collection of high heels that she shows off regularly.
  • Froggeefeet receives a 10 out of 10 rating on Feetanswers. She’s one of those foot models that’s hard to forget, and we hope that she’ll continue to share her feet with the world for many more years to come.



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