Helen Skelton’s Feet – Bunions But In a Good Way

helen skelton's feet

Some of the best terms we can use to describe Hele Skelton are: powerful, smart, and energetic. But can we say the same things about her feet? Helen Skelton’s feet are in a league of their own when it comes to looks.

They have that “love them or hate them” vibe going around, which is one of the main reasons why we decided to review them. Helen Skelton has size 7 feet (EU38), which is not too big or too small but definitely impressive. You’ll have no problems spotting her feet at the beach or in the park, as they look completely unique from what you might have seen that day. Considering Skelton is only 5 foot 3, could her feet be too large for her figure? Let’s have a closer look then.

Helen Skelton’s Toes and foot shape.

Helen Skelton toes

Helen Skelton was born in England, and she is 37 at the time of writing. Her feet are not old enough to be considered unattractive (not that there’s anything wrong with older feet), but they’re definitely not as young as they used to be. This means that they’ve developed a few unique features, including a set of bunions on both sides of the big toe. Now, keep in mind that bunions can be corrected via surgery, but is that always the best course of action.

In Helen Skelton’s case, we think her feet look fine with the bunions. It dramatically alters the angle of her toes, true, but there’s nothing wrong with that as long as the angle doesn’t become too dramatic. Moving on to the actual toes, there’s certainly a lot going on, particularly since toe lengths seem to differ from one foot to the other.

The toes on Helen’s left foot decrease in length gradually starting from the second toe and ending with the shortest, pinky toe. The left foot also has a more prominent bunion than the right one, and we can also notice a slight callus underneath the large toe. As for the right foot, it appears that the bunion is less evolved, which allows the big toe to stand up straighter thus challenging the second toe for length. The second toe and the middle toes appear to have the same length, but the ring and pinky toes drop dramatically. It’s not a great look, we admit, but there’s nothing particularly wrong with it either.

It’s not uncommon for feet to look slightly different on the same person. In Skelton’s case, the differences are a bit more obvious, that’s all.

Helen Skelton wears great heels.

helen skelton feet in heels

Despite the bunions, Helen Skelton’s feet are often on display. She’s either barefoot and snapping pics of her feet while at the swimming pool, or she’s wearing revealing footwear. Her feet look much better in heels than they do in flip-flops, for instance. High heels force the foot into an elegant shape, and it helps smooth out any irregularities. In the picture above, her bunions are partially covered by the beige sandal strap. She’s wearing a dark burgundy nail polish on her toes, which contrasts nicely with her bright yellow dress.

She appears to have a tan on her feet in this image, which again, goes nicely with the light beige sandals and yellow dress. She seems to have quite a thing for beige sandals, as she wears them often.

Helen Skelton feet rating and summary.

helen skelton feet

  • Helen Skelton wears a size 7.
  • She has bunions on both of her feet, but her left one is larger.
  • Her feet look different from one another, especially in the toe area.
  • She wears nice heels, especially beige strappy sandals.
  • She has slightly rounded toenails as opposed to square ones.
  • She could stand to use a bit more moisturizer on her feet from time to time.
  • Helen Skelton’s feet receive a 6 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. The score is mostly reflected by her pedicure quality and skincare routine rather than the bunions.


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