How to Become a Foot Model and Sell Feet Pictures

how to become a foot model

So, you’ve decided you want to make a few extra bucks by selling pictures of your feet, or maybe you just want to become a full-time online foot model. The thing is, many people have tried but only a handful actually managed to succeed in this business. Why is that? Are there too many foot models out there, all trying to capture the attention of the same audience?

I would say the “feet enthusiast” market is actually quite niche and quite easy to get into, at least compared to other fields. The trick is to present your feet in such a way as to make them as appealing as possible. By the end of this read, you’ll know everything there is to know about becoming a foot model and successfully selling your feet pics online.

I’ve been in touch with over 50 foot models over the years, and I’ve provided coaching and advice for many. This article is primarily focused on female foot models, but I will include advice for males and trans feet models as well. Some of the following tips apply universally anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to read up on them even if you don’t plan to model your feet anytime soon.

What makes a foot sexy and beautiful?

The first thing you need to really understand before going down this road is why are people attracted to feet in the first place? When talking about feet fetishes, it’s clear that people are sexually attracted to them, but let’s talk about feet in a broader sense. Even someone who doesn’t have a foot fetish can recognize a well cared for, beautiful pair of feet.

Generally speaking, sexy feet usually have a certain kind of symmetry. Beauty equates to symmetry when it comes to other body parts as well, whether we’re talking about the face, buttocks, breasts, or legs. Even hands have their own beauty and their own niche, but we’re talking about feet now aren’t we?

In general, beautiful feet tend to be slender, with a symmetrical toe arrangement that tapers down in length. The nails are shaped in a certain way, and hair strands are completely out of the picture. With that in mind, even if your feet don’t have a naturally slender shape with high arches and rounded heels, there are some things that you can do to make them attractive. Let’s dive in!

Identify your feet’s strong points.

missalisa foot model

Just have a good look at your feet. They’ve been with you for as long as you can remember, but have you ever really looked at them for real? The point of this exercise is to help you find that one key element that makes your feet stand out. It can also be something that makes your feet particularly attractive. Here’s what you can look for.

  • Small differences between toe lengths – Russian foot model MissAlisa is a great example of this. In the image above, you can clearly see how her toes have a similar length. She focuses on this key aspect and is able to deliver incredible content for her fans. There is one trick that you can do to create an illusion of similar length toes, and that’s to grow your toenails in such a way as to make up for the difference. For instance, if your second toe is shorter than your large toe, let that particular nail grow out until it almost matches the large toe. It’s a neat little trick and it works wonders.
  • Long toes – Having long toes is a real blessing in this industry. They can look incredibly feminine, and they can also help you achieve a sexy “toe cleavage” effect if you wear low-cut shoes.
  • Visible metatarsal bones – If your feet are slender enough to have visible toe bones, it’s a very good idea to focus on “popping” them out when you take your feet pics. Practice flexing them in different positions in order to get the best results.
  • High arches – If your feet are particularly high arched, consider taking pics from the side of your feet in order to highlight this aspect. JoeyofArches is particularly good at this. Make sure to take a look at her pics in order to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.
  • Wide soles – Some feet enthusiasts go crazy for a wider foot. Even though it’s not always considered the most feminine aspect of a foot, a wide sole can look incredibly enticing when photographed from below. Measure the width of your soles in order to figure out if you qualify.
  • Veiny feet – If you can find a way to emphasize the veins on your feet, you’ll have a better chance of standing out. If your veins are not visible naturally, see if they become more prominent after a jogging session or after working out.
  • Small feet or large feet – Whether you have small feet or large feet, just embrace it. Emphasize their size in each of your photosets. If you want to make your feet seem smaller, just wear a larger shoe (a size up or so). Also, if you want them to appear smaller, wear a size down.
  • The shape of your toenails – This is a very important aspect, a key one actually. Analyze the shape of your toenails and figure out what you can do to improve them. If you want to go for a natural, unpolished look, it can’t hurt to square your toenails off in order to achieve a more feminine look. You can also let them grow out and go for a long nail look, much like Ecuadorian foot model Camila Mercedes has done.
  • Your soles – Soles will always be attractive for feet enthusiasts, but you need to know exactly what makes your own stand out. Are they particularly wrinkly? Or maybe they’re smooth? Do you want to go for a dry sole look? Analyze your soles in detail and identify their key strengths. Start with the ball of the foot, move over to the midsole and finish up with a good look at your own heels. Flex them in different positions, apply some lotion on them. See what works.

Now that you’ve identified what parts of your feet are more attractive, it’s time to create your first set of feet pics.

Lighting and camera quality.

lunartoes feet

Most people will tell you that you should use a very good camera for your picture sets, and that’s not bad advice. Far from it. However, maybe you live in a part of the world where iPhones are just too expensive to get a hold of. Ideally, you’ll want to use a high-quality DSLR camera, but you can do wonders with a phone as well even if it’s not the latest generation.

Leverage good lighting and you’ll be able to create stunning picture sets without too much effort or editing. Use natural sunlight as much as possible. Maybe take your feet pics outdoors if you can.

Find a room that lets in plenty of natural light and use it for your picture sets. Artificial light from a lamp or candle can be good enough as well in certain situations, but nothing beats natural light when it comes to photography.

Get rid of the hair.

missalisa toes

Some of the best-looking feet out there are completely hairless. You’ll need to make an effort to remove all of the hair from your feet, including the one growing on your toes and the one growing on the mid-part of your foot. Some models choose to shave off those hairs as that’s an easy and quick solution.

However, the hair buds are still visible under the skin most of the time, particularly if their skin tone is very light. A better way to get rid of your toe hairs is to pluck them out. It hurts, and it’s mildly uncomfortable, but it also lasts longer and looks a lot better once the pores close.

If you really want your feet to look as good as possible, consider removing your toe hairs with laser treatments. This solution will cost you a bit, but it’s the best one by far, and it’s permanent.

Get professional pedicures.

Any self-respecting foot model will get professional pedicures on a regular basis. This will help you maintain the toenail shape of your choice as well as allow you to keep your feet in tip-top shape. You never know when you might get a custom order and you might need to create a quick picture set.

Some feet models also choose to show off their feet on cam, in which case it will always pay off to have good-looking feet 24/7, week-in, week-out.

If your toenails are particularly difficult to work with, or if you just want to take care of things yourself, consider using acrylic toenails. They’re cheap, easy to find, and they just glue onto your nail. You can keep them for up to two weeks without any issues. Foot model Kaira has been using them for ages and they look great!

How to keep your soles soft every day.

SoleSnack soles

We all know that soles and heels have a tendency to dry out after a while, particularly if they’re not creamed often. Using a foot cream before bed can help, sure, but there is a trick that you can use to keep your soles soft every day that doesn’t involve spreading cream all over your bedsheets.

In order to pull this off, you’ll need a pair of socks that you can put on easily, particularly a pair of cotton ped socks. You can also use pantyhose if you want to be more comfortable. Here’s how to pull this trick off:

  • Cream your soles with a high-quality foot cream. A body lotion will also work as long as you use enough of it. Most models prefer to lather their soles completely, as it has a more profound effect.
  • Carefully put on your socks and let them absorb the cream for a minute.
  • Put on your shoes and go about your day.

In order for this trick to work, you’ll need to get accustomed to walking around in semi-moist socks. It all depends on how much foot cream you used.

For a bit more comfort, consider using the pantyhose technique: choose a pair of 15 denier or 20 denier pantyhose. Put them on, and apply the cream onto your soles while wearing them. Then put on a pair of socks over the pantyhose. The pantyhose will keep the cream closer to your skin longer, and the socks won’t get as moist.

Do this for a couple of days and you’ll be surprised at how smooth your soles are.

Selling worn items and odor.

Selling your worn items such as socks and pantyhose can be incredibly lucrative. However, keep in mind that your clients will likely expect a certain odor to accompany these articles of clothing. If your feet are not particularly smelly, consider using an old pair of sneakers exclusively for this part of your business.

Wearing your socks or pantyhose for a couple of days in a row while also wearing those shoes should be enough for them to gain a unique odor. At that point, you can put the socks in a sealed plastic bag and send it over to your client.

The thing is, you probably won’t want your feet to remain smelly all the time. That’s why you’ll also need a clear-cut solution for deodorizing your feet afterward. There are countless products on the market that you can use for this.

Soaking your feet in hot water mixed with a bag of baking soda usually does wonders to remove any smells.

How to sell feet pics online.

Selling pictures of your feet is not as difficult as you might think as long as your content is jaw-dropping. If you’ve taken the necessary steps to beautify your feet and you’ve taken your pics in the best light, they will likely sell like hotcakes. The secret is that you also need to market them properly.

  • Leverage social media channels – The best social media channel that you can use to show off and market your feet is Twitter. You won’t get banned from there as long as you keep things clean and you don’t cause a stir. On Instagram, foot models are constantly being banned and removed from the platform, so I wouldn’t recommend using them these days.
  • OnlyFans is your best bet – While there are alternatives to OnlyFans such as Fanly, or 4Fans, the truth is that OnlyFans is still the largest and most successful platform for selling feet pics. Link up your Twitter and OnlyFans accounts for a better shot at promotion.
  • Keep all of your links in one place – Use a service like AllMyLinks to keep all of your links in one place: your social media, your OnlyFans, your personal website, your Tumblr, and any other feet-related account you might own.
  • Use reputable services for payment – Only accept payment through reputable services such as Escrow, OnlyFans, and direct payments into your digital wallets. PayPal can get tricky when it comes to adult content, so be aware.
  • Create separate picture sets for different tastes. You’ll want to keep your feet pics organized into different categories. Some fans might enjoy seeing your feet bare, while others will want to see them in stockings or pantyhose. Also, some might prefer to see your toenails painted while others like them natural. Keep pre-made sets handy in case you find an interested client on short notice.
  • Always be open to custom work – Custom sets sell out much better than pre-made feet pics because they’re tailored specifically to your client’s needs. Be ready to create custom sets for your fans on a regular basis. Keep in mind that some of them might ask for weird specifics. Don’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, but try to keep an open mind.
  • Use embellishments – Invest in some toe rings, ankle bracelets, and barefoot jewelry. They will undoubtedly come in handy later down the road. Also, make sure you always have some fishnet stockings, garter belts, and sexy socks on hand.
  • Bright colors catch the eye – Apart from the classic red, try experimenting with different colors for your toenail polish. Neon orange, neon green, and bright blue will always catch the eye more when compared to a dull purple or burgundy. Also, French Pedicures are incredibly popular, particularly on large toenails.

Be aware that this is an adult industry.

While it’s not adult content in the true sense of the word, selling pictures of your feet does have an obvious sexual charge. Men will use images of your feet for self-pleasure, that’s a fact. Consequently, if you decide to go down this road, you should be okay with that. You can also choose to ignore it if that works for you.

After all, it’s not your problem what they do with the pics. It can help to keep it in the back of your head, though. Some of your potential clients might send you unsolicited pictures of their privates. Be ready for that as well. It’s always ideal to engage with well-mannered individuals but that may not always be the case.

Choose your clients carefully and use common sense! This way, you shouldn’t have too many issues in the end.

Some tips for aspiring trans foot models.

I’ve seen quite a few potential trans foot models that didn’t quite make the cut simply because they didn’t follow some very simple rules. It’s true that trans foot models have a lower customer base when compared to female foot models, but that’s all the more reason to get things right.

Here are a few things that might help:

  • If you’re going to show off your feet in a feminine way even though you were born male, make sure to actually feminize your feet accordingly.
  • Getting rid of your toe hairs is a very important step.
  • Square off your toenails. Natural-looking male toenails are not particularly feminine no matter how much you paint them.
  • Pose your feet in a feminine way. Consider standing on your tippy-toes, pointing your toes, or emphasizing your arches.
  • You don’t have to include your private parts in all of your feet pics. Sometimes it can help, though. Know your audience!
  • Wearing heels and pantyhose can help accentuate your feminine nature. Lean on them whenever you can.
  • Take good care of your soles. Use the trick I explained above, or just cream them from time to time.
  • Shaving your legs can go a long way towards gaining a larger fan base. It’s not mandatory, but it can help achieve a more feminine look.

Some tips for male foot models.

As male foot models, your primary fan base is likely the gay community. As such, it’s not mandatory for you to feminize your feet. It can pay off to know exactly what men like to see in other men’s feet.

  • Large feet are often sexier than small feet in this niche. If you have smaller feet, use clever camera-work to make them appear larger. Take your pictures from below, or try to recreate a “giant’s” point of view.
  • You can leave your hair as it is, or choose to go hairless. If you’re particularly muscular, I would suggest shaving your legs in order to emphasize your curves.
  • Get ready to play boss. Some male feet fans will want you to boss them around, dominate them, or assert your masculinity. Be prepared to play the part.

Last tip: get in touch.

For my last tip, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any more advice or a free shout-out. I’ve promoted quite a few established foot models on this site, but also a few beginners.

If you just want an opinion, or you want your own article describing your feet in detail, just get in touch with me and I’ll do my best to help out. If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably quite set on becoming a successful foot model, and I congratulate you on your courage and ambition.

Do let me know if you’ve found these tips useful, and make sure to share this article with anyone you would think would find it interesting.


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