JoeyOfArches’ Scottish Feet are Shaped Like Heaven

Joeyofarches scottish feet

I’m always happy to review some of the world’s best-looking and most unique feet, but this time around I stumbled upon something truly fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, each and every pair of feet I review is special in its own way, and if you’re a loyal reader, you know I only feature the best of the best. However, I’ve just never seen a pair quite like this before.

Allow me to introduce JoeyofArches and her absolutely mesmerizing Scottish feet! Today’s review is going to be a little different because I’m going to veer off the usual structure for a bit. Instead of focusing on her toes for the first segment, I’m going to have a really close look at JoeyofArches’ foot shape, particularly those awesome arches.

Before I do that, though, I’m going to encourage you to follow JoeyofArches on Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to her OnlyFans page if you get a chance. By the end of this article, you’ll probably rush to get in touch with her anyway, and now you know precisely how.

Finally, let’s have a closer look at those Scottish arches!

JoeyOfArches’ foot shape and arches.

JoeyOfArches scottish feet

Let me ask you something: have you ever seen feet like this before? Because I certainly haven’t and I’ve seen my fair share from all over the world. I haven’t seen many Scottish feet, true, but I have reviewed a pair of British feet a few weeks back, and while they were absolutely amazing, they didn’t look like this at all.

Those arches are simply out of this world, but it’s also worth noting that JoeyOfArches has very small feet, which makes her high arch rarer and more impressive. She wears a size 3UK or a mere 35EU, and if you live in the States that would be closer to a 4US. Obviously, Joey knows how to pose her feet and how to emphasize her arches, but the way her feet bend is still an amazing achievement on its own.

joeyofarches toes

As for her toes, she doesn’t share too many pictures of the tops of her feet in a traditional fashion. However, we can still make out that she has short toes with medium-sized toenails that are painted to perfection all the time. Her large toes seem to be just slightly shorter than her second toes, while the rest taper down nicely in a symmetrical fashion.

While her toes are not equal to each other in length, the difference between them is not dramatic. This means that her toes are aligned perfectly and can almost seem of similar length, particularly since Joey’s toenails are grown and make her toes appear a bit longer than they actually are.

As for her foot shape, the overall profile is rather wide with large round heels and incredibly meaty soles. However, we’ll describe those amazing Scottish soles in detail in the following segment.

JoeyOfArches’ soles.

JoeyOfArches soles

Apart from her mind-bending arches, Joey’s feet also impress when viewed from below. Her soles have a dramatic presence all thanks to their very wide profile and meaty look. These are likely the thickest and sexiest soles you’ll find on the continent, and I know that sounds like an exaggeration but it could very well be true. Because they are so thick, Joey’s soles wrinkle heavily and deeply, especially if they’re soaked in water like in the image above.

joeyofarches scottish soles

They are also incredibly smooth all over, and they have a series of grooves and lines that give them plenty of flair. There are no imperfections to speak of on Joey’s soles. They look unique, they have a commanding presence, and they are smooth from heel to toe. The heels are large, round and in great shape with no visible damage whatsoever. In ideal conditions, even the heels wrinkle slightly.

Joey can spread her toes easily and with elegance. Her long toenails are visible when viewed from below as they surpass the tips of the toes – a fantastic view for any foot enthusiast.

Heels and nylons.

joeyofarches heels

JoeyOfArches is a huge fan of high heels, and even though she wears incredibly high ones, they never seem to be enough for her feet. She arches her feet to extreme angles while posing for pics, and she makes walking in heels look easy, maybe even natural.

joeyofarches heels

One could say that her feet were designed specifically to walk in high heels. Maybe from a higher power or maybe from Mother Nature herself. Whatever the case, we should be grateful for being able to witness this display of grace and beauty.

joeyofarches nylons

As for nylons, Joey has fantastic taste and shows off her feet in various pieces of hosiery to the delight of her fans. Black nylons, nudes, and fishnets all look exceptional on her heels and toes. I’m a particularly big fan of her posing on tippy-toes. If you’re a fan of nylons and heels as well, you can always get in touch with her and tell her what you like.

JoeyOfArches feet summary and rating.

JoeyOfArches has impressed me deeply with her awesome soles and elegant high arches. Here’s what you need to keep in mind about her and her Scottish feet.

  • JoeyOfArches is a Scottish foot model with size 3UK feet.
  • She has amazingly high arches, thick pink soles, and gorgeous toes.
  • She shows off her feet in unique styles and with various accessories such as toe rings, ankle bracelets, and nylons.
  • She has an OnlyFans page with a generous amount of content.
  • She likes to pose on her tippy toes, and she owns a considerable collection of heels.
  • JoeyOfArches’ feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Those arches, soles, and wide foot profile come together to form an amazingly sexy display that will undoubtedly bring out the foot fan in you.

joeyofarches feet


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