Julie Feet_BeautyX’s Feet Will Leave you Breathless

FeetBeautyX feet

Today we have the absolute pleasure to present an amazing foot model named Julie, who also happens to be the owner of a superb pair of size 7 feet. Julie has been modeling her feet online for about a year and a half now, and she’s gathered up quite a fan base on various social media platforms. If you would like to see more of Julie Feet_BeautyX, feel free to check out her OnlyFans and Twitter pages.

Now that you know where to find her, it’s time to have a closer look at Feet_BeautyX’s feet and find out what makes them so appealing. As we mentioned before, Julie wears a size US7, which is a small to medium shoe size. However, what makes her feet truly stand out is the way her toes align perfectly, and the incredible smoothness of her soles.

As always, let’s have a closer look at the toe section first.

Feet_BeautyX’s Toes.

Julie Feet_BeautyX's toes

Julie’s toes are quite a sight to behold no matter the angle. She’s clearly a talented foot model, as she knows exactly what kind of images to take in order to show off her most appealing features. When viewed from above like in this image, we immediately notice a harmonious toe alignment, with the big toe being the longest of the bunch.

The second toe is just as long as the big one, while the other three toes taper down nicely, decreasing in length from middle to pinky.

Julie Feet_BeautyX's toes

Tapered toes are not uncommon, that much is true. However, the way the toes taper down in length is incredibly important. In Julie’s case, the decrease is very subtle, which helps create a beautiful and symmetrical toe section. When it comes to her toenails, Julie has slightly narrow and long toenails, beautifully squared off and impeccably polished.

On her official pages, you’ll be able to see her toes in a multitude of colors, including a beautiful baby blue, red, black, and white. Moreover, if you’re a fan of natural-looking nails, she has plenty of images showing her natural toes as well.

Another interesting feature regarding the tops of her feet is that her bones are visible when she arches her feet upwards. Due to her slender figure, her metatarsal bones come into view relatively easily, and that’s always a plus in our book. As an added bonus, Julie also has a beautiful tattoo of flying birds on her right foot.

Feet_BeautyX’s soles.

Feet_BeautyX's Soles

If you can appreciate a nice pair of soles, you’ll simply be blown away by Julie’s. It’s clear right off the bat that she takes very good care of her soles. There are no imperfections to speak of – no calluses, rough skin patches, or dry heels. The underside of her toes looks picture-perfect, as does the ball of the foot on both feet. The middle section of the sole is the softest part, as Julie has high arches and doesn’t really put any of her weight on that section as she walks.

Feet_BeautyX soles

The heels are rounded and a bit on the large side. They complement the wider ball of the foot perfectly and help frame the middle section of the sole. Julie can spread her toes in a unique and interesting way: she’s able to separate her pinky toes from the rest of her toes, and that’s not something you see every day.

Heels and stockings.


Feet_BeautyX shows off her feet in heels and stockings regularly, and they look incredible in both. In the image above, she’s wearing a beautiful pair of red sandals with very high heels, and she’s able to pull them off nicely. Her high arches and perfectly aligned toes allow her to wear even the most challenging heels with grace and finesse.

Feet_BeautyX stockings

As for stockings, she wears black, white, and nude-colored ones. If you ask us, black looks the best on her feet and legs, but you really can’t go wrong with any color when you’re dealing with such a well-proportioned pair of feet. Her soles look particularly attractive through nylons, but the bold colors on her toenails can’t be ignored either.

Feet_BeautyX’s feet summary and rating.

Here’s what we learned so far about Julie’s feet:

  • Feet_BeautyX wears a size 7US.
  • She has a beautiful tattoo of flying birds on her right foot.
  • Her toes are perfectly aligned and taper down in a subtle way.
  • Her soles are smooth and well cared for.
  • Her feet look fantastic in feet and nylons.
  • Julie’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. There’s nothing that we would change about her unique feet.


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