Lena Headey’s Feet Stand Out In the Best Way

Lena Headey's feet

Lena Heady played Cersei in HBO’s hit Game of Thrones, and while her character wasn’t particularly likable, the actress herself is actually quite a lovely person with a vibrant personality. Lena Heady’s feet are in the spotlight today, and we have mostly good things to say about them.

Starting off with Lena Headey’s shoe size, word around the block is that she wears a US7, which is about a EU38. She’s not a very tall woman but the size of her feet matches her height – they’re medium-sized but have an incredible shape as far as we’re concerned. Lena also has a small tattoo on her left foot. Let’s start off with an in-depth analysis of Lena Headey’s toes.

Lena Headey’s toes.

lena headey's feet

Lena might have a quirky sense of fashion but her toes are always in tip-top shape. In this image from 2005, she was sporting a nicely-made French pedicure that accentuated her toes and made them appear a bit longer. The shape of her toes is not exactly as you might expect from a medium-height woman from the UK. Her big toes are rounded and a bit chunky, while her first 3 smaller toes taper down in size gradually.

The difference in length between her long, middle, and ring toes is very small, but it is noticeable. Her pinky toes are smaller than the rest of her toes by a larger margin. Metatarsal bones are easily visible for all toes as Lena arches her foot upwards. She doesn’t have particularly prominent veins on her feet, even when she wears tighter shoes.

Lena Headey’s soles.

lena headey's soles

When viewed from behind, Lena Headey’s feet are just as beautiful. Her soles are smooth and her heels are large and rounded. In this pose, we can clearly see that Lena Headey has deep arches. She also seems to walk a bit on the side of her sole, which is why the skin has begun to harden there when compared to the rest of the sole.

Small calluses are visible but they appear to be filed down. Overall, Lena’s soles look well-enough taken care of. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get our hands on more images so that we can do a proper analysis of Headey’s soles.

Lena Headey’s feet in heels.

lena headey feet in heels

Before she caught her big break with Game of Thrones, Lena Headey was a less-than-famous actress that managed to score small parts in lower-budget films. Back in those days, she made a red carpet appearance for the Premiere of “The Brothers Grimm” held at the Directors Guild of America Theater in Los Angeles, CA. The event took place on Monday, August 8, 2005, and Lena showed off what can only be described as the prettiest feet to ever step on the red carpet so far.

Lena Headey had a beautiful French pedicure that was visible in its entire glory thanks to a pair of leather thong heels with turquoise inserts. While it may look a bit tacky today, the look was very popular back in 2005, and Lena surely knew that her feet could pull it off. Lena’s feet looked stunning in those particular heels. Her feet were on display for all to see, from fans to photographers. To make things even better, she later took off those heels and walked around barefoot for the remainder of the event.

lena headey;s feet

Lena Headey feet rating and summary.

  1. Lena Headey wears a size 7.
  2. Her toes are evenly shaped, and her big toes are a bit chunky.
  3. She has visible metatarsal bones when she arches her foot upwards.
  4. Lena Headey has a tattoo on her left foot.
  5. Lena’s feet have high arches.
  6. Lena Headey’s soles are smooth and well-cared for.
  7. Lena Headey’s feet look great in heels due to her high arches and well-proportioned toes.
  8. Her toes look the best with a French pedicure.
  9. Lena Headey’s feet are a solid 8 out of 10 in our book. The images of her feet from 2005 look fantastic, but they don’t reflect the actual look of her feet on a daily basis or the way her feet look today.


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