Meet Codeyfeet – A Male With the Feet of a Goddess


Our latest entry into the Transgender feet category focuses on CodeyFeet – a male from the UK with some of the most feminine feet I’ve ever seen. I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Codey’s feet for a while now, as I was simply stunned by their beauty and femininity the first time I saw them. Indeed, if he hadn’t revealed that he was male, I would never have guessed. If you would like to get in touch with Codey and inquire about a custom order, he has an OnlyFans account as well as an Instagram and a Twitter.

Codey has been showing off his fem feet for quite a few years now. He’s not trans in the true sense of the word as he lives a regular male’s life. However, he enjoys showing off his feet in the online space, and he has a very decent following to show for it. His long legs, long toes, and incredibly feminine arches have caught the eye of thousands of feet enthusiasts over the years.

Without further ado, let’s see exactly what makes Codey’s feet so special.

Codeyfeet’s Toes.

codeyfeet toes

Codey has an incredible foot shape, as you’re about to find out, but his toes are arguably even more impressive. While I’ve reviewed plenty of foot models before, I’ve never seen quite such a toe arrangement. In some pics, it appears as if his large toes are the longest of the bunch, but that’s only because his large toenails are so beautifully long. In reality, his second toes are just a few millimeters longer when compared to the large toes.

codeyfeet toes

The middle toes are noticeably shorter than the second ones, while the ring toes and pinky toes drop in length quite suddenly and dramatically, forming an angled slope and a very unique look. Because the last two toes drop in length so abruptly, Codey’s toe section is narrow, maybe a bit pointy even. This means that he is able to wear pointy pumps with ease. It almost looks as if his feet were designed with this kind of footwear in mind.

As for the toenails, they are beautifully squared off, and always painted in daring colors such as red, burgundy, blue, white, and black. French pedicures also look amazing on those toenails.

codeyfeet arches

Codey is naturally slim, and he has legs for days. As such, his feet stand out in the best of ways. His high arches, prominent heels, and veiny sections are impossible to look away from. The arches are particularly noteworthy, as they’re some of the highest and deepest I’ve seen in a very long time. Pair that with his incredibly long toes and you have a full package – feminine feet tied up in a masculine essence. If that’s not unique in the feet world, I don’t know what is.

Codeyfeet’s soles.

codeyfeet soles

Codey doesn’t share the bottom part of his feet as much as he does his tops, but I think he definitely should. The balls of his feet are in excellent condition with no calluses or rough spots to speak of. The middle portion of his sole is as soft as you’d imagine, with numerous slim wrinkles decorating his pale-pink skin. As for the heels, they stand out incredibly well whenever he flexes his arches.

codeyfeet sooles

Since the arches are so high, they push the heels forward allowing them to pop out. There’s nothing to critique here, no imperfections to speak of. Just a well-kept pair of soles that will keep you up at night if you’re a feet enthusiast.

Stockings and heels.

codeyfeet heels

Codeyfeet knows how to present his feet and how to photograph them. Apart from showing them off bare, he also has a generous collection of hosiery and high heels. I’m particularly fond of his choice of footwear: clear high-heel pumps with a generous amount of toe cleavage, and strappy sandals. As for hosiery, he enjoys wearing fishnets in various colors, as well as more daring pieces such as red stockings.

codeyfeet fishnets

If you’d like to see more pictures and videos of his feet, or if you’d like to place a custom order, following him on OnlyFans is your best bet. On Twitter, he shows off more explicit images, and he doesn’t shy away from sexualizing his feet to the delight of his fans.

Codeyfeet summary and rating.

It’s been a true pleasure reviewing Codey and his awesome feet. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind about them.

  • CodeyFeet is a male foot model from the UK.
  • He wears a size 8 – 9UK, and he has very long toes.
  • He has high arches, perfectly-kept soles, and beautiful heels.
  • Codey is half English and Indian. This ethnic mix surely contributed to his amazing foot shape.
  • Codey has an incredible collection of heels and sandals. He also wears hosiery often and enjoys sharing his feet pics with the world.
  • Codeyfeet receives a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. He truly has some of the most feminine feet any male could hope for, and I’d like to see many more pics of those wonderful toes for years to come.


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