MissAlisa’s Russian Feet (Alisa Andreeva) – Almost Perfect in Every Way


Today’s Featured Feet section is taken by MissAlisa – a beautiful Russian feet model that has one of the nicest pairs of feet on the internet right now. MissAlisa has size 8 feet and lives in Saint Petersburg. She offers Skype sessions with her feet and has already starred in a number of feet-focused films. She also has an OnlyFans account that you can visit right here. We tested her feet in a live session before writing this article and we were very impressed with how good they looked.

Alisa herself is very kind and attentive, and she follows instructions easily without making things awkward. Her English is also flawless, by the way, and if you’re interested in an in-person meeting, she can make your dreams come true.

Miss Alisa’s toes.

missalisa toes

When it comes to her beautiful Russian feet, MissAlisa’s toes are second to none. She has slender, long toes with perfectly shaped toenails that are always nicely painted. Her most popular pedicure is French, but she also wears bright pink, black, and white on her toes. She often asks her fans what they would like her next pedicure to be, and they vote on the next color in a poll. She always respects their wishes after the poll has closed.

MissAlisa’s toes are relatively long, but what’s truly interesting is that her big, second, middle, and ring toes appear to have the same length. This is an incredibly rare toe alignment and one that we don’t get to see nearly enough. Her pinky toe is relatively long as well and tries to keep up with the rest of the toes but doesn’t quite make it. MissAlisa’s toes are not all the same length even though they may appear this way at a glance. Her second toe is slightly longer than her middle one, although her middle and ring toes appear to be exactly the same length on both feet.

MissAlisa’s soles.

missalisa's soles

MissAlisa will also show off her Russian soles upon request. These are just as impressive as her toes, if you ask us, as they are very well taken care of. Actually, when viewed from the back, her toes look even better as there’s no toenail distraction.

missalissa feet

One can clearly see how nicely proportioned her toes are when looking at her soles. As for the heels, they’re relatively large and round, with a smooth texture and a natural skin tone.

MissAlisa’s feet arches and veins.

missalisa's feet

MissAlisa’s Russian feet are incredibly high-arched and feminine. Her slender foot profile allows her to bend the mid-portion of her foot with relative ease. Watching her walk around on her tiptoes is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, especially when viewed from the side.

missalisa's feet veins

As for foot veins, they do become visible on MissAlisa’s feet right after a good run or after she spends a bit of time wearing high-heels. If you would like to see her veiny feet during a session, make sure to let her know beforehand so she has time to prepare her feet accordingly.

Heels and Nylons.

nylon feet

Depending on your preference, you’ll be able to see her feet in both heels and nylons. She has a generous collection of nylons in various colors as well as numerous heels that she wears with absolute grace. The way her feet look in high-heel sandals is absolutely spectacular, but she also wears flat sandals upon request, as well as flip-flops and other accessories.

MissAlisa's feet in sandals

MissAlisa often wears an ankle bracelet that enhances her beauty and femininity. She also wears toe rings upon request, but she prefers to let her pedicures take the spotlight if possible.

MissAlisa’s feet rating and summary.

If you’d like to see more of MissAlisa’s feet, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and schedule a show for yourself. You definitely won’t be disappointed. That’s a FeetAnswers promise.

  • MissAlisa is a Russian feet model.
  • Missalisa’s toes are almost even.
  • She wears a size 8 shoe.
  • She wears French pedicures most often.
  • She has an Onlyfans page.
  • MissAlisa’s soles are smooth and great to look at.
  • She wears nylons and heels upon request.
  • She offers affordable cam services with great quality.
  • She speaks perfect English.
  • MissAlisa’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. They are currently the best Featured feet we’ve reviewed so far, and they’re likely to remain at the top for quite a while.

missalisa's feet


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