Mistress Maeve Can Control Your Life With Her Romanian Feet

mistress maeve feet

We’ve never covered a foot model specialized in financial domination (findom) before, but we thought it would definitely be interesting so we got in touch with Mistress Maeve. She agreed to be a part of our Featured Feet section, and we were very happy to review her outstanding Romanian feet.

Although we don’t know exactly what shoe size she wears, we do know that Mistress Maeve’s feet look amazing both from the top and from below. If you would like to get in touch with her or to be completely dominated under her Romanian soles, make sure to follow Mistress Maeve on Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to her OnlyFans!

Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at Mistress Maeve’s feet in order to find out what makes them so special.

Mistress Maeve’s toes.

mistress maeve toes

Mistress Maeve is all about dominating her followers with her sexy soles, but that doesn’t mean her toes and the general tops of her feet are to be ignored. She obviously takes exceptional care of her feet in general, and it shows in every single pic she shares. Her toes are arranged beautifully in a descending length pattern, with her second toe being the longest of the bunch.

However, It’s not exaggeratedly long when compared to the large toe, only by a few millimeters or so. The middle toe is shorter than the second toe by a few millimeters as well, while the ring and pinky toes drop down in length a bit more abruptly. It’s worth noting that the second toe on her right foot bends ever so slightly towards the right, which causes it to be almost at the same length as the middle toe.

mistress maeve toes

This slight bend makes Mistress Maeve’s toes look unique and original, something we always appreciate when it comes to foot models. As for her toenails, they are well cared for in a natural way. Her large toenails are cut rather short and curved. They’re painted in beautiful colors such as pink and red, and they look particularly good in natural light.

As a final touch, we should mention that Mistress Maeve’s feet are rather veiny, which can be incredibly attractive if you’re a fan of veiny feet.

Mistress Maeve’s soles.

mistress maeve soles

Mistress Maeve’s Romanian soles are “la piece de resistance”: she poses them in unique ways, often from below in a completely dominating manner. Her soles look relatively small overall, with an incredibly smooth skin texture from heel to toe. The balls of her feet look particularly well cared for, but the same can also be said of her heels.

mistress maeve soles romanian feet

While the middle portion of her soles is smoother and lighter-toned when compared to the balls of the feet and heels, the skin tone difference is quite subtle and almost imperceivable in some pics. These are undoubtedly some of the softest and most attractive soles we’ve seen recently, which says a lot about Maeve’s skincare routine. If there was ever a pair of soles fit for domination, these are definitely in our top 3.

mistress maeve soles

There are no calluses to speak of, save from some very small and subtle ones on the sides of her big toes. The overall shape of her soles is alluring, to say the least, and she knows exactly what kind of pics to take to engage with her fanbase.

Nylons and accessories.

mistress maeve black nylons

Apart from showing off her bare feet, Mistress Maeve also wears nylons and socks, as well as various pieces of footwear and accessories. If you’re a fan of black nylons, for instance, you’ll be glad to know that she’s shared quite a few pics of her feet while wearing them. She also does foot reveals by removing her socks one at a time, and she’s very inventive when it comes to interacting with her fans.

mistress maeve nylon soles

In some pics, she poses as a giantess, and in others, she flips her fans off and degrades them. She’s obviously a part of a very specific niche, but she’s one of the best of her kind if not the best period.

Mistress Maeve’s feet summary and rating.

Mistress Maeve is a Romanian foot model that specializes in financial domination. If you’d like to see more of her or buy some of her content, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her. Here’s what you need to keep in mind about her.

  • MistressMaeve is one of the best financial dominators in the business.
  • She has an exceptionally smooth pair of soles that she poses in various scenarios.
  • Her toes are medium-length, well-cared for, and painted in bright colors.
  • Mistress Maeve has veiny feet.
  • She wears nylons and socks, and she interacts with her fans in unique ways.
  • Mistress Maeve’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Her soles are particularly impressive to look at, especially when viewed from below and in natural light.

mistress maeve romanian feet



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