Modestlytoasted Is The Trans Feet Model of Your Dreams (Q&A Included)

modestlytoasted trans foot model

Transgender feet don’t receive nearly as much coverage as they deserve, which is why we decided to get in touch with some of the world’s most amazing trans foot models and try to feature them on this website. The first trans foot model who agreed to be a part of this little project is Modestlytoasted – a well-established name in the foot lover’s community, as she’s been showing off her size 9s for a few years now.

As it happens, Modestlytoasted has some of the most unique-looking and interesting feet we’ve seen so far. They’re not too large but not exactly small either. They have a strong presence, and they are easily recognizable due to a couple of small tattoos. Modestlytoasted has two foot tattoos, actually – one represents the Peace sign while the other is a small representation of a heart.

If you would like to follow or get in touch with Modestlytoasted, make sure to check out her Twitter and OnlyFans (she has two accounts, a Free and a Premium). Also, make sure to check out the Q&A we did with her at the end of the article.

Let’s have a closer look at Modestlytoasted’s feet and figure out exactly what makes them stand out. We’ll start off with the toes, as usual.

Modestlytoasted’s toes.

modestlytoasted toes

Modestlytoasted’s toes are perhaps some of her most recognizable features. They’re relatively long, which is to be expected given her size 9 feet, but they’re also neatly arranged and in perfect shape. One thing that allows her toes to stand out among all other trans feet models out there is that there are slight gaps between them. This means that she can spread her toes easily, and it makes for a unique, distinguished look.

transgender toes

As for toe length, there is a slight discrepancy that makes her feet even more unique. On her left foot (the one with the Peace sign tattoo), her second toe is the same length as her large toe. However, the second toe on her right foot (heart shape tattoo) is longer than her large toe. The middle toes on both feet are roughly the same length as the second toes, maybe a few millimeters shorter. The ring and pinky toes are shorter still, but the length difference between Modestlytoasted’s toes is, well, modest.

modestlytoasted trans feet

It’s as if her toes struggled really hard to be the same length but they didn’t quite make it. They came really close, though, and the result is a perfectly-shaped toe section. As for her toenails, they’re nicely painted in bright colors such as pink, blue, and coral. She doesn’t wear French pedis too often, which is a bit of a shame, but maybe she’ll reconsider and we’ll have to update this section of the article soon.

trans toes

The toenails have a natural shape, slightly curved at the corners. They’re not too long and not too short. They’re very well kept and look spectacular, particularly when freshly painted. Needless to say, Modestlytoasted’s feet look extremely feminine when viewed from above. There are no loose hairs, no blemishes, no rough spots.

She keeps her feet in tip-top condition, and she loves to show them off to her eager fans. The reason why she’s so good at it is that she actually has a fetish for feminine feet, and thus she knows exactly what her fans like to see, what moves them, and what excites them.

Modestlytoasted’s soles.

transgeder soles

As for her soles, they never disappoint no matter the angle from which they’re viewed. Starting off with the balls of the feet, they look soft and well-cared for. The toes spreading slightly give off an elegant allure when viewed from below. The mid-portion of the sole wrinkles deeply whenever she flexes her feet in certain ways, which is extremely sexy. As for the heels, they’re slightly oval-shaped, a bit on the smaller side, and in perfect condition.

modestlytoasted soles

Modestlytoasted’s soles have a very light skin tone. The skin tone is uniform from the tips of her toes to her heels, which is always a great look in our book. Clearly, she takes very good care of her soles on a daily basis. She also knows exactly how to pose them for great effect.

Modestlytoasted’s feet summary and rating.

modestlytoasted coral soles

Reviewing Modestlytoasted’s feet has been a true pleasure, and we certainly hope to see more of her in the coming years. It’s worth noting that Modestlytoasted has included her feet in various adult scenarios. She doesn’t mind sexualizing her toes and soles, and you don’t have to look very far online to find some truly hot material involving her feet.

Here’s a quick summary of what you need to remember about her feet.

  • Modestlytoasted is a trans feet model based in Michigan.
  • She has size 9 feet. They are extremely feminine and well-cared for.
  • Her toes are relatively long. The length difference between them is marginal, and they make her feet look truly unique.
  • Modestlytoasted’s soles are well cared for and very smooth.
  • She has a tattoo on each foot, one representing the Peace sign while the other is a small heart.
  • Modestlytoasted’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 on FeetAnswers. She’s the first trans feet model we’ve ever featured, but her feet are 100% female, no doubt about it.

Where are you from, what do you do?

I’m from the United States, and I’ve been in the retail industry my whole adult life.

What are your hobbies?

I’m a huge football (soccer) fan, my favorite league is the premier league, and Arsenal is the club I follow! I also love video games, documentaries, and anything historical, spooky, or true crime!

How did you find out about foot fetishes?

I myself have a fetish for pretty feminine feet! So I’ve been looking at feet my whole life lol.

When did you realize people liked your feet and that you could share them online?

In my early twenties, I started taking pictures of my unpainted toes and thought to myself that they were really cute and attractive. So, it was the natural progression XD.

Did you have a mentor, or were you inspired by someone in particular to become a foot model?

I don’t have a mentor, but I was heavily inspired by Lix Vixen’s videos, she’s an absolute goddess! 💙

Do you do your own pedicures? (If not, who does them for you?).

Sometimes! Although I prefer to have someone send me to get them done professionally, the gel paints last WAY longer.

Do you take your own pics, and do you manage your own social media pages?

I do! Everything as of right now is done by me! Maybe I’ll have a helper one day? lol!

Would you agree to model in a professional foot fetish photoshoot?

Absolutely! Especially if my travel was covered! I’m all in 😉

What is your favorite toenail polish color?

I absolutely LOVE this bright sky blue color! 💙

Do you enjoy wearing high heels?

I love wearing heels! I don’t have any that fit correctly at the moment, unfortunately.

Did your life change much after you became a foot model?

Becoming a foot model actually helped me come to terms with being transgender. Having that feminine outlet that I could enjoy at home, but covered with shoes and socks when I went out was a nice first step. Experimenting like that and feeling GOOD, helped me realize I had crippling gender dysphoria.

Are you satisfied with your earnings as a foot model?

I think the pandemic made it a bit harder for fans to justify paying for custom content, but that’s to be expected.

How long have you been a foot model and how long do you think you’ll continue sharing your feet online?

I started in 2015? I think? Lol
But I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon!

Would you change anything about your feet?

I would LOVE to make them a size or two smaller?!

What advice would you give to other trans feet models in order to help them become more successful?

High-quality video and good lighting are EVERYTHING. Way more important than fancy editing tricks. You can have the cutest feet in the world, but if your content has bad lighting, people will just scroll on by.
Also, taxes, if you make any sales that aren’t on a 1099 form, write it down and give it to an accountant. This will make everything easier on you, I promise.




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