Nami Osaka’s Japanese Feet Set A Very High Standard of Beauty

nami osaka feet

It’s true that we haven’t seen too many Japanese foot models around, but maybe we’re just not looking in the right places. We found Nami Osaka (GoddessNami) by accident while browsing on Twitter, and we just had to get in touch with her once we noticed her showing off her picture-perfect feet. Nami is a naturally gifted foot model but she also goes out of her way to make sure her feet get the best pedicures.

Her toenails are some of the most colorful and beautiful that we’ve ever seen. They’re also shaped perfectly, but we’ll get to that in a moment in the full review. Before we start, make sure to have a look at Nami Osaka’s Twitter page and OnlyFans page. Moreover, if you’d like to purchase some stickers or other products that feature her gorgeous soles and toes, there’s also this Etsy page that you should definitely check out.

For more Asian feet reviews, check out the piece that we did on Snowonshoes. Her feet are quite a bit different than Nami’s but we’ll let you find out in what way.

Nami Osaka’s toes.

nami osaka toes

Nami Osaka’s Japanese toes are the first thing that caught our attention when we saw her feet for the first time. She doesn’t have particularly long toes, mind you, but she does have large, beautifully colored toenails on every toe, including the pinky. We’ll use the image above as a reference point in order to describe Nami’s toe structure in detail. Some of her other pics depict her toes in various other angles, but this one is perfect for what we need.

nami osaka toes

We should mention right off the bad that Nami’s big toe is also the longest, but it is followed closely by the second toe, while the other three toes decrease in length gradually. There is one thing that makes Nami’s toe structure unique and original: her pinky toes. They are relatively large and wide as far as pinky toes go, and that applies to the toenails as well.

nami osaka toes

On some feet, the pinky (small) toenails are small and hidden from sight, but Nami’s toenails are large, wide, and highly visible. This and the fact that her toes are neatly arranged without any overlaps gives a certain presence to the tops of her feet. They’re impossible to ignore, and they definitely draw the eye whenever Nami goes barefoot. What a spectacular display of color, harmony, and symmetry!

nami osaka natural nails

Indeed, Nami Osaka’s feet are some of the few that actually look great without any polish whatsoever. Her toenails look beautiful even in their natural state. We do admit that we prefer seeing them painted in various colors but that’s simply a preference. Some feet enthusiasts actually prefer natural nails, and in that case, they won’t find a better set than on Nami’s feet.

Nami Osaka’s soles.

Nami Osaka soles

Moving on to the soles and things get even more interesting. Nami has a spectacular pair of soles that are incredibly well-kept. They’re smooth from toe to heel, but that’s only half the story. As an experienced foot model, it makes sense for Nami to lotion her soles and to keep them in perfect condition.

nami feet soles

However, we were more impressed by the natural shape of her Japanese soles. The way they arch, the width in the ball of the foot, and the exceptional shape of her heels. In order to understand what we’re talking about, just have a look at the image above in which Nami arches her foot at a superb angle while wearing a pair of black fishnets.

In this pic, it’s clear that the ball of her foot is considerably wider when compared to the top part. That’s because her toes are of similar length and the side of her foot doesn’t slope down abruptly. This creates a spectacular look that also emphasizes her high arches, midsole wrinkles, and round heel.

nami osaka soles

There’s also this position that has her crossing her ankles and revealing her soles and part of her toes in a classic, sexy pose. The best part about this pose is that we can also see part of her toenails as they go past the tip of the toes slightly. This is also an angle that reveals Nami’s unique freckle on the top part of her left heel.

Nami Osaka’s soles have no imperfections, no rough spots, no calluses, and no loose skin patches. They’re just as beautiful as the tops of her Japanese feet, which is commendable and always a plus in our book.

Nami Osaka’s feet in heels and stockings.

feet in heels

Nami wears high heels and stockings regularly, and she loves to showcase her feet in sexy footwear from time to time. On her OnlyFans page, you’ll find quite a few of these images, and she definitely has a good eye when it comes to taking these pics. In the image above, her feet rest beautifully in a pair of white strappy sandals with chunky heels. While wearing these kinds of heels, veins become visible on the tops of her feet, which is a fantastic look.


She also wears chunky mules, clear footwear, fishnets, and nylons in various colors such as black and nude. Nami also wears toe rings and ankle bracelets, which only enhance the incredible beauty of her feet.

Nami Osaka’s feet summary and rating.

Here’s what we learned so far about Japanese foot model Nami Osaka and her feet:

  • Nami Osaka is a Japanese foot model with superb feet.
  • She has an OnlyFans page with a generous amount of free and paid content.
  • Her toes are nicely aligned and of similar length. Her toenails are large and beautifully painted.
  • Nami’s soles look exceptional from every angle. The bottom part of her foot is wider than the top part, which helps create an alluring and sexy look.
  • Nami Osaka wears heels, nylons, and foot jewelry.
  • Nami Osaka is also known as FootGoddessNami or GoddessNami.
  • Nami’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating from us. Her toes are some of the most spectacular that we’ve seen so far, while her soles have a unique shape that we won’t soon forget.

nami osaka feet


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