Pokimane’s Feet (Imane Anys) Are Just As Beautiful As Her

Pokimane Feet

Pokimane’s feet are undoubtedly in the top 3 best streamer feet out there. Imane Anys, better known as Pokimane, is a highly popular Twitch streamer that has been active in the online world since 2013. Considering she’s in her mid-twenties at the time of writing, having more than 7 million followers is definitely something to be proud of. Regarding her feet, it seems that Pokimane is very much aware of the attention they’re receiving, and she doesn’t shy away from showing them off whenever she can.

Pokimane’s feet are a size 6.5US – not too small and not too large either. Some believe that a size 6 is a perfect foot size, but considering Pokimane is 5ft 3 (163cm) tall, her foot size seems perfectly adequate. In the pictures we’ve seen so far, it seems that Anys is a big fan of French pedicures. Indeed, her toes look best with that particular type of nail polish, as she has an incredibly slender figure and slender feet.

Pokimane’s toes.

pokimane's toes

Since we’re on the subject of toes and pedicures, we should have a closer look at Pokimane’s toes. Pokimane spends a lot of time barefoot, and many of her pictures include her bare feet. When it comes to shape, her Moroccan roots certainly influenced things quite a bit. These are some of the most unique-looking feet we’ve come across in a long time, and that’s probably due to their Middle-Eastern influences.

pokimane feet

Pokimane’s large toe is shorter than her second toe, while her middle toe is about the same length as the big toe. The ring toe and pinky toe decrease abruptly in length creating a tapered toe look, almost an Egyptian pattern. Furthermore, whenever Pokimane bends her foot upwards as she does in this image, her metatarsal bones (toe bones) are highly visible. Her toenails are relatively narrow and small, which is probably why she opts to wear French pedicures so much – it makes her nails look a bit longer and more elegant.

The only “problem” we can spot with Pokimane’s toes is that her big toes look a bit chunky in some images, but not all. Also, her left foot seems to have an early-stage bunion forming, which could grow larger as she ages.

Pokimane’s soles and arches.

Pokimane's soles

When it comes to Pokimane’s soles, it’s really tough to find any fault with them. That’s rare! In the image above we see her crossing her ankles and revealing her left sole, which looks very well cared for. Apart from the smoothness, the overall shape of Pokimane’s soles is commendable. Many girls with narrow foot profiles also have narrow and small heels. In Pokimane’s case, her heel is actually larger than most and nicely rounded.

The middle part of her sole is completely smooth on both sides, and the ball of her foot has no calluses, rough spots, or hard skin patches. This image also seems to suggest that Pokimane can spread her toes quite a bit if she puts her mind to it. When the pic was taken she wasn’t even trying to spread them and we can already see some gaps between her toes.

Pokimane's soles from the side

From the side, her feet look incredibly slim and delicate. One other thing we noticed is that Pokimane’s toes naturally go upwards, which is another rare and interesting foot quirk. She has visible veins but only on the top part of her feet, not on the sides as we’ve seen with Adriene Mishler.

Pokimane's arches

As for arches, the pic above shows what could be some of the highest foot arches in the world. While that might not actually be the case, Pokimane certainly has the highest arches out of all the Twitch streamers. Her feet are naturally adapted to wearing high heels, which she does with grace and elegance. If she really tried, she could probably arch her feet even more without too many issues.

poki soles

If Pokimane didn’t become a streamer, she could have easily pursued a career as a ballerina. Sadly, that would have taken its toll on her feet, and we wouldn’t have gotten the chance to admire them as we do today.

Pokimane’s feet summary and rating.

poki feet

Here’s what we learned so far about Imane “Pokimane” Anys’ feet.

  • Pokimane wears a size 6.5US.
  • She is of Moroccan descent, which is why her feet are so unique-looking.
  • She likes to wear French pedicures.
  • Her large toe is shorter than her second toe, which creates a narrow, almost Egyptian-like foot profile.
  • She has visible toe bones and visible veins on the tops of her feet. Not as much on the sides going towards the soles.
  • Her soles are smooth and well-cared for. Her heels are rounded and larger than we expected.
  • Pokimane’s feet have very high arches, probably the highest in the streaming industry.
  • Pokimane’s feet receive a 9 out of 10 rating on Feetanswers. Her feet are graceful, well-cared for, and the French pedicures that she wears complement her toe shape nicely. However, we still believe that DingleDerper’s feet look better overall as they have a more harmonious toe alignment.


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