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Today we’re featuring an incredibly gifted foot model named SaraFeet, who hails all the way from Venezuela. Sara has a rather unique way of showcasing her feet on her social media pages, and that’s because she usually includes full-body shots in her posts. Sara doesn’t shy away from showing herself from head to toe. She’s proud of her body (as she should be), and she doesn’t try to hide her identity from her fans.

SaraFeet has a pair of beautiful size 6.5US or 37EU feet that she shows off with great skill and promise. She uses a Samsung Galaxy S20 to take her pics at the time of writing, which means the image quality of her posts is very good. You can follow Sara on her Twitter page and you can get in touch with her for custom requests or Skype shows. Sara’s feet are the first South American feet to land on our humble website, and we do hope that they’re not the last.

SaraFeet’s toes.

sarafeet toes

The first thing we noticed about Sara’s Venezuelan toes and her feet, in general, is that they look very “approachable.” They look just like the feet from the girl next door that you’re too shy to compliment her on. They have a certain natural beauty, almost effortless in a way. Sara paints her toenails in colors such as pink, white, red and black.

sarafeet toes

Her toenails are narrow and a bit on the small side. They adorn the tips of her toes beautifully and speaking of, her toes do look spectacular in every way. The overall arrangement of her toes is a classic: the large toe is the longest, followed closely by the other toes as they decrease in length. The second toe is narrower than the middle and ring toes, while the pinky toes have the most abrupt drop in length, but nothing too dramatic.

Because the length drop of her toes is so disciplined, Sara’s feet have a naturally harmonious and aesthetically pleasing look. In some cases, Sara has visible foot veins and visible metatarsal bones, but only for her ring and pinky toes. Her toenails are nicely painted and well kept, and the tops of her feet have no spots or blemishes.


Considering she’s not even in her 20s at the time of writing, Sara’s toes are in fantastic shape, and they deserve every bit of admiration.

SaraFeet’s soles.

SaraFeet soles

One can’t really become a successful feet model without having a superb pair of soles, and SaraFeet is certainly no exception. Her soles are in great shape, very smooth with no blemishes, rough spots, or calluses. When viewed from below, the ball of the foot and the toe area takes on a very interesting look as her toes taper down in a diagonal line from the large toe to the pinky.

sarafeet soles

The color difference between the ball of the foot and the mid part of the sole is subtle and almost unnoticeable. As for the heels, they’re oval-shaped, smooth, and a joy to admire. Sara doesn’t have particularly wrinkly soles, but some creases and wrinkles can form in her midsole whenever she poses her feet at certain angles.

In the crossed ankle pose above, these creases are a bit more visible, but her Venezuelan soles generally have a smooth, clean look.

Does SaraFeet wear heels and stockings?

sarafeet fishnets

As we mentioned before, Sara’s feet have an innocent, familiar look. She showcases her feet as such without too many embellishments, but she does offer a few surprises for her fans from time to time. For instance, she wears flip-flops regularly, and she even puts on the occasional ankle bracelet from time to time.

The icing on the cake is when she puts on her black fishnets. She also wears toe rings, sometimes on both feet. Sara’s feet are beautiful just the way they are. They don’t need artificial embellishments to stand out. That being said, whenever they do make an appearance, they certainly don’t hurt her image. As far as Venezuelan feet or Latina feet go, Sara’s feet are incredibly spectacular.

SaraFeet summary and feet rating.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about Sara’s amazing Venezuelan feet:

  • SaraFeet is a young Venezuelan foot model with a size 6.5US or 37EU feet.
  • She has a Twitter and an Instagram page. She takes custom requests from her fans.
  • Sara has beautifully arranged toes and smooth soles. Her feet look very approachable and familiar.
  • She shows her face in most of her pictures, often sharing full-body shots for her fans.
  • Sara doesn’t wear high heels that much but she does wear flip flops and stockings.
  • She decorates her feet lightly with the occasional ankle bracelet or toe ring.
  • SaraFeet receives a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Her feet have a natural beauty that’s impossible to ignore. The nail polishes and foot jewelry only serve to enhance that beauty, but her feet are amazing just the same.

sarafeet venezuelan


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