Snowonshoes’ Chinese Feet Are So Small You Won’t Believe It (Interview Included)

snowonshoes feet

Snowonshoes is an Asian feet model with petite feet.

If you can appreciate the beauty of a small and delicate pair of feet, then we have a very special treat in store for you today. We’re about to review the beautiful feet of Snowonshoes – a new but highly talented and dedicated foot model that has graciously agreed to be a part of our Featured Feet section. Snowonshoes has the smallest feet we’ve reviewed so far, as she wears a size 4US or 33EU.

Her feet measure no more than 21.5cm in length, which is incredibly small and actually quite cute. Naturally, having feet that small comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages, but Snowonshoes does a very good job at overcoming obstacles such as finding shoes that fit.

As always, we’re going to have a close look at Snow’s feet in order to figure out what makes them special. Before we do, though, you should know that you can find Snowonshoes on various social medial platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and OnlyFans.

Moreover, if you would like to get to know Snowonshoes better, make sure to check out our interview with her at the end of this article.

Her Onlyfans is definitely worth the subscription, as it provides incredible foot content at a very affordable price.

Snowonshoes’ toes.

snowonshoes toes

Starting with Snowonshoes’ toes, we immediately notice a narrow, well-organized toe arrangement that is simply a joy to look at. Snow is Asian (Chinese to be precise), so her feet have some unique features that aren’t normally found in Western feet. The toes are arranged beautifully across the narrow foot profile, with the largest and second toes being nearly the same length. The other three toes taper down and decrease in length gradually and subtly, thus creating a feeling of beauty and symmetry.

As you might have noticed if you checked out some of our other featured models, symmetry is synonymous with beauty, even when it comes to feet. Snowonshoes has slender, long toes that don’t look out of place and don’t overlap. Her toenails are cut short and have a rounded design. They look well-cared for, clean, and are beautifully painted in subtle pastel toes such as light pink, burgundy, purple, or white.

snowonshoes toes

The tops of Snowonshoes’ feet have no blemishes, rough spots, moles, or any kind of hair. Her veins are slightly visible in good light, which should definitely appeal to a good portion of her feet fans, we included. In certain lighting conditions, her feet look so good they almost appear unreal.

Snowonshoes’ soles.

Snowonshoes soles

When it comes to her Chinese soles, Snowonshoes’ feet are beyond any reproach. We don’t often get to see the soles of size 4 feet, as this size is simply incredibly hard to come by in adults. However, Snow has graciously provided us with this beautiful pic of her soles, which reveals her smooth skin as well as a series of wrinkles just below the heels.

There is a small freckle on the side of her left sole, but other than that, there are no blemishes, rough spots, calluses, or uneven skin patches. Snow’s soles are right up there with the best of the best, but we know that keeping them in such a condition requires attention and effort.

snowonshoes soles

Snowonshoes even told us that she applies lotion on her feet and legs almost every day before going to bed, and she wears a pair of silk socks while sleeping in order to keep her feet soft and silky. her photo portfolio includes feet pics in a variety of angles, and she even uses fruit in her sessions from time to time.

Legs, heels, and nylons.

snowonshoes legs

Snowonshoes aspires to be a professional foot model, and as such, her Chinese feet are often photographed in various poses, from all sides, and with different footwear. While she is only able to find high heels that fit in Asian brands, she does wear them and will take pictures of them upon request. She also wears nylons, which look fantastic on her soles and toes, and she includes her legs in many of her photosets.

snowonshoes feet

She also wears toe rings and ankle bracelets, so if you have a particular request that you’d like her to fulfill, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her and tell her all about it. She’s really kind and accommodating, and she puts in a lot of effort to make sure everything comes out just right every time.

Snowonshoes feet rating and summary.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind about Snowonshoes’ feet.

  • She is a Chinese foot model living in Europe
  • Shoe size US 4 | EU 33 (Pros: They can fit in your palm. Cons: She can only find high heels in Asian brands)
  • She speaks perfect English, Spanish and Chinese.
  • No tattoos, but likes to use sticker tattoos from time to time.
  • There is a little freckle (some subscribers called it the chef’s kiss).
  • A hardworking girl. Posts daily exclusive content on OnlyFans.
  • She puts lotion on her feet and legs before going to bed and wears a pair of silk socks while sleeping, thus she keeps her feet amazingly soft and silky.
  • Ancient chinese poets often describe beautiful female feet as snow or rime on getas. That’s where the Snowonshoes name comes from.
  • Snowonshoes’ feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. Her feet are small, beautiful to look at, and they deserve all the attention they can get.

snowonshoes feet

SnowOnShoes FeetAnswers Interview.

Where are you from, what is your profession?

I am from China, living in Spain. I’m an interpreter and translator.

What are your hobbies?

I love reading, watching movies and playing instruments. I am also very into dancing, Chinese traditional dance, modern dance, pole dance, etc. I started learning to dance at 5.

How did you find out about foot fetishes?

Actually the first time I knew about it was when I was a little girl, reading a psychology book by my father, who is a psychology professor. And China has a long feet fetish history, so I knew it all the time.

When did you realize people liked your feet and that you could share them online?

When I try on shoes in shoe stores, the salesgirls always say that I have beautiful feet. I started realizing that they are pretty. And all shoes look good on me. If not, that would be the designer´s fault (laugh). I read an article in June about girls making a living by sharing feet photos online. And I thought why not give it a try. 

Did you have a mentor, or were you inspired by someone in particular to become a foot model?

I don’t have a mentor, but when I stepped into the feet world I found out that there are so many talented girls sharing feet pics already. I enjoy looking at their posts and getting some inspiration sometimes.

Do you do your own pedicures? (if not, who does them for you).

Yes, I do my own pedis and manis. 

Do you take your own pics, and do you manage your own social media pages?

Usually, a friend of mine helps me take photos, but sometimes I take them by myself using a gimbal. I do manage my social media pages.

Would you agree to model in a professional foot fetish photoshoot?

Yes, of course. I would love to.

What is your favorite toenail polish color?

My favorite color is cyan. And also other similar colors, like Tiffany blue, mint green. 

Do you enjoy wearing high heels or do you do it just for the looks?

I am a high-heel lover. 90% of my shoes are high heels, 5% sneakers, and 5% flats.

Would you ever consider wearing clear (transparent) high-heels in public?

Sure! I love transparent vinyl high heels sandals. They match all dresses.

Did your life change much after you became a foot model?

Not much, except that I have less free time. People sometimes underestimate how hard work it is.

Are you satisfied with your earnings as a foot model?

Not yet so far, since I am still a newbie. 

How long have you been a foot model and how long do you think you’ll continue sharing your feet online?

It has been two months now! I think I’ll continue sharing my feet online for a few months more and see how it goes. 

Would you change anything about your feet?

The size. I would like them to be a little bit bigger, at least EU 35, so it can be easier for me to find shoes in Europe. 

Do you have a foot fetish yourself?

Before I just loved buying shoes and socks. Now for two months looking at and taking photos of my own feet, I think I do! (laugh)


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