Vera (Foot Tendency) Has a Unique Pair of Danish Feet

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There aren’t too many Danish foot models out there, not that we could find anyway. That’s why we were particularly intrigued and delighted to get in touch with Vera from Foot Tendency and try to review her awesome feet. Vera is a Denmark-based foot model that shows off her beautiful size 35EU feet on Twitter and Instagram.

She’s only just started off, as she’s been posting original feet-related material since May 2021. Some feet models pursue this path for financial gain or purely for recognition, while others do it for fun or simply because they really enjoy the positive attention. It’s clear that Vera enjoys sharing her feet and that she has a real passion for them. It shows in the way she poses them and cares for them.

I do hope that Foot Tendency will continue to upload even more material in the following months and years. I always encourage newcomers, and I’m happy to see that someone from Denmark is sharing her feet with the world without inhibition. Without further ado, let’s have a closer look at Vera’s toes and soles.

Foot Tendency Vera’s Toes.

vera's danish toes

Just one quick glance at Vera’s toes and one can instantly recognize their uniqueness. The top part of her feet looks nothing like what we’ve seen before, and that’s a good thing! Her toes are aligned originally, with the large toes dominating the set on each foot. The large toes appear to be the longest of the bunch but they are actually matched in length by the second toes.

The difference between the two might consist in a few millimeters but it’s actually quite hard to detect from the images that we have. What’s clear is that despite her rather small foot profile (35EU), the toes have a decent length with relatively large toenails. The middle toes are only slightly shorter than the second toes, while the ring and pinky toes drop down in length gradually in a controlled and symmetrical fashion.

vera's danish legs and toes

Taking into account the length of the toenails and the way her second and middle toes curve slightly, the middle toes can sometimes appear longer than the second toes but I believe this is nothing more than an optical illusion. The nails on the large toes are relatively narrow and elongated, which makes the toes themselves appear larger, with a more defined presence and character.

Another thing that makes Vera’s feet and toes stand out is the fact that she always wears toe rings.

Danish feet vera

On her right foot, she wears a very large toe ring around her large toe, as well as another small one on her middle toe. On her left foot, she wears a ring on her second toe and (sometimes) one on her pinky. She also wears ankle bracelets on both feet at times. This shows just how important her feet are for her and how much she cares about beautifying them.

Indeed, Vera’s feet would look stunning even without bright nail polishes, toe rings, and bracelets. However, we’re definitely grateful for the way she chooses to display her Danish feet.

Vera’s soles.

vera's soles

Vera’s soles are awesome from heel to toe. They have a commanding presence despite their small size, and they appear to be in ideal condition. The skin underneath her toes and on the balls of her feet is positively glowing – a sign that she uses high-quality foot care products. The toes look fantastic when viewed from below, especially since their tips are decorated by the toenails extending slightly above the edges.

Danish feet

As for the middle portion of the soles, they wrinkle nicely whenever she flexes or poses them in certain ways. The deeper wrinkles are clustered mostly in the mid-part of the sole, but the balls of the feet also have their own wrinkles, albeit subtler ones. The heels are oval-shaped and in excellent condition with no cracks, loose skin patches, or rough spots.

Vera’s Danish soles exhibit perfection, and she does show them off as often as she can in different ways and scenarios.

Vera's danish soles

She has a plethora of pics in the “crossed feet” pose, which is probably the most spectacular and most ideal pose for these kinds of feet. She also has pics with her sandy soles and dirty soles, just in case you are into that kind of content as well.

Vera’s Danish feet in heels.

danish feet in heels

Vera does wear high heels on occasion, but there aren’t too many pics available that show off her shoe collection. In the image above, she’s seen sporting a superb pair of black sandals with clear stripes across the toes and ankles. The stripe covering the toes is rather wide for improved comfort, but it is also completely transparent, showcasing her teal-green pedicure and toe rings.

red pedicure flip flops

Most of the time, you’ll see Vera’s feet in flip flops, and they do look amazing in flat footwear as well. Foot Tendencies knows exactly how to pose her feet, and we have a feeling that her pics will only get sexier and more impressive as time goes by.

Foot Tendencies Vera’s summary and rating.

Vera’s Danish feet were a delight to review. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind about them.

  • Vera is a Denmark-based foot model with size 35EU feet.
  • She has beautiful long toes with brightly-colored toenails.
  • She wears toe rings at all times, as well as ankle bracelets.
  • Vera’s soles are smooth, velvety, and a pleasure to look at. Her heels are oval-shaped and in excellent condition.
  • The Foot Tendencies account is actually managed by a couple.
  • Vera’s feet look outstanding in heels and flip-flops.
  • Vera’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. We don’t often get to review Scandinavian feet or Danish feet, but we had a hunch that Vera’s would be of exceptional quality. We weren’t wrong.

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