Vegan Footqueen’s Persian Feet Tick All The Right Boxes

vegan footqueen

Vegan Footqueen has been on our radar for a very long time now, and we’re incredibly excited to finally be able to review her outstanding pair of Persian feet. That’s right, Vegan Footqueen is a British/Persian foot model that’s been active for the better part of five years now. With that in mind, she has an incredibly generous collection of foot-related content that she shares with her lucky fans on OnlyFans and Twitter.

Vegan Footqueen is basically all over the internet right now. She has social media accounts on almost every major platform, and she’s currently enjoying a massive fan base. Once you take a close look at her feet, you immediately understand why. Her size 5/6 feet are purely gorgeous, with long toenails, smooth skin, and a fair complexion.

Let’s have a closer look at her feet and figure out exactly what makes them stand out!

Vegan Footqueen’s toes.

vegan footqueen toes

Once you start browsing through Vegan Footqueen’s feet pics it’s hard to stop. Her toes are particularly eye-catching with their long natural toenails and bright polishes. As far as toe length is concerned, her large toe is the longest on both feet, followed closely by the second toe. The difference between the large toe and second toe is not dramatic in terms of length. Therefore, the angle formed by the tip of the large toe going down towards the tip of the pinky toe is just 25 degrees while the angle formed by the tip of the second toe and the tip of the pinky is 29 degrees.

vegan footqueen natural toes

There’s only a 4-degree difference between the two measurements, meaning that Vegan Footqueen’s toes drop down in length harmoniously, in a controlled and symmetric manner. Indeed, the middle, ring, and pinky toes drop down in length subtly forming a gentle slope. As far as her toenails are concerned, they are completely natural (no acrylic tips), and they look fantastic even without any nail polish whatsoever.

Toe rings and other pieces of foot jewelry enhance the already impressive allure of her slender feet. Vegan’s feet are not particularly large or wide, but they do have a commanding presence that demands attention and admiration.

Let’s move on to her soles.

Vegan Footqueen’s soles.

vegan footqueen soles

Naturally, such a successful foot model takes exceptional care of her soles. The skin is in great condition from heel to toe, but there are a few other key elements that allow these soles to stand out from other foot models. Vegan Footqueen’s heels are beautifully rounded, whereas many women have oval-shaped heels. This rounded heel shape is enough to completely transform the overall look of her soles.

vegan footqueen tip toe

The middle portion wrinkles with even the slightest scrunch, while the balls of the feet are soft and well cared for. The skin beneath the toes is in fantastic condition as well even though Vegan Footqueen wears heels relatively often. On her tippy toes, the rounded shape of her heels becomes even more apparent, as do her deep arches and fine veins on the inner sides of her feet.

vegan footqueen soles

Truly a sight to behold, Vegan Footqueen’s soles are in a league of their own. They’re impressive not just because she takes great care of them but also because they have a natural beauty and unique shape.

Vegan Footqueen’s feet in heels and nylons.

vegan footqueen nylons

If you’re into heels, nylons, or flip-flops, then you’re in luck. Vegan Footqueen has been showcasing her feet in various poses and with various accessories for years. When it comes to nylons, she enjoys wearing black ones, nude ones, or white ones. She also wears fishnets that look positively stunning on her feet.

vegan footqueen heels

As for heels, she has a generous collection of mules and sandals that enhance her arches and allow her bare heels to pop. She also wears flip-flops often, particularly to show off her newest pedicures and toe rings. If you thought her feet looked great bare, just wait until you see them in blue mules and with eye-catching ankle bracelets.

There’s nothing you can possibly imagine that she hasn’t tried with it comes to foot-related content.

Vegan Footqueen’s feet summary and rating.

vegan footqueen

It’s been a blast reviewing Vegan Footqueen’s feet. Here’s everything you need to keep in mind about them.

  • Vegan Footqueen is a British foot model with Persian roots.
  • She has size 5/6 feet. Medium size – perfectly shaped.
  • Her toenails are natural and impressively long.
  • Her soles are smooth and well-cared for. Her heels are round and very eye-catching.
  • She wears heels, flip-flops, and nylons often, and she shows off her feet in them for the delight of her fans.
  • She has numerous social media pages and clip stores.
  • Vegan Footqueen’s feet receive a 10 out of 10 rating on FeetAnswers. She’s one of the most consistent and impressive foot models in Britain and in the world. Hopefully, she’ll continue to show off her perfect feet for many more years to come.

vegan foootqueen


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