Zusje Pbandsoles – Great Feet and High Heels Are a Perfect Match

Pbandsoles feet

Zusje Pbandsoles – one of the most popular foot models on Instagram has answered our request and has agreed to be a part of our Featured Feet section. We’re definitely grateful for the opportunity to review her feet, as she ticks all the right boxes when it comes to size, shape, and skincare.

Pbandsoles is a 20-something foot model with a size US 5 / EU 36 feet. She has small, beautiful feet with well-cared toenails and soles to die for.

Today we’re going to review her feet in detail and we’ll tell you exactly why we chose to focus on them in the first place. All of the feet that we review here are unique in their own way, and they each have something that sets them apart. Before we start, make sure to give Pbandsoles a follow on Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to subscribe to her affordable yet generous OnlyFans page.

Pbandsoles’ toes.

pbandsoles feet toes

Pbandsoles has an adorable set of toes that subscribe to a classic tapered down look starting with the large toe. Indeed, her large toe is also the longest of the bunch, with the second toe following closely but not quite managing to reach the same length.

This is likely due to the fact that Zusje’s second toes bend downwards towards the ground slightly whenever she keeps them in a natural position. If the second toe would be completely straight, it could probably match the large toe’s length at least at nail level. As for the middle toe, it’s clearly quite a bit shorter than the second toe.

However, the difference between the second and middle toe is nowhere near as dramatic as the difference between the middle and ring toe. This one, followed by the pinky toe has the most noticeable decline in length, and this contributes to a completely tapered, Egyptian foot shape in which each toe decreases in length gradually and diagonally.

The toenails appear natural and are shaped incredibly well in a squared-off pattern. The big toenails have a decent length on them, surpassing the tip of the toe if only slightly. Each toenail is nicely painted in beautiful colors such as burgundy, red, pink, and lilac purple. Pbandsoles doesn’t seem to be a big fan of French pedicures, as we weren’t able to find any images of her sporting that particular type of polish.

Zusje Pbandsoles’ soles.

Zusje Pbandsoles soles

As you’re about to find out in the next segment, Pbandsoles is a very big fan of heels. Wearing heels constantly can have a detrimental effect on one’s soles, but somehow this is not the case at all with her feet. To our surprise, Pbandsoles has incredible, almost unbelievably soft, and smooth soles with no imperfections to speak of.

What struck us the most was the subtle skin tone change on her heels and balls of the feet. Since these areas are put to work the most and support most of the bodyweight while walking and running, we expected them to be hardened and much more dark when compared to the midsection of the sole. However, the skin tone on the heels and underside of the toes is almost identical to the midsoles.

Zusje Pbandsoles soles

There are even some wrinkles that extend from the outer edge of the sole all the way to the heels and balls of the feet. It’s likely that Zusje takes very good care of her soles and uses high-end foot products. Also, she probably knows how to walk in heels in order to keep her feet in tip-top shape. The heels are rounded off and appear very smooth without any cracks or rough skin patches.

We have to commend Pbandsoles on the state of her soles, as she’s doing a very good job in keeping them picture-perfect.

Zusje Pbandsoles’ feet in heels.

Zusje Pbandsoles feet in heels

If you’ve been following Pbandsoles on her social media, you’re probably already aware that she’s a huge fan of high heels. Whether we’re talking about strappy sandals in leopard prints or sandals with clear stripes and chunky heels, she’s been showing off her beautiful feet in high-end footwear with great success. She can even pull off a pair of flip-flops with no issues at all.


Zusje has high arches, and her feet just look at home whenever they slip into a pair of heels. If you’re a high-heels fan with a thing for small, well-kept feet, then you should definitely have a closer look at Pbandsoles sometime. She walks in heels with grace and confidence, and we hope to see more of her in the years to come.

Pbandsoles feet rating and summary.

We couldn’t find anything wrong with Pbandsoles’ feet. Here’s a quick summary of their most important features.

  • Pbandsoles is a very popular foot model, especially on Instagram.
  • She wears a size US 5 / EU 36, which means she has small and delicate feet.
  • Her toes are amazing to look at. Their length tapers down nicely to form a classic Egyptian profile.
  • Her soles are smooth and soft despite the fact that she wears heels often.
  • Pbandsoles’ feet look incredible in high heels. If you’re a high-heels fan, you should definitely give her a follow.
  • Pbandsoles’ feet receive a 10 out of 10 on FeetAnswers. Her feet look like they were designed by a higher power to stay in heels without any of the usual consequences.

zusje feet


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